Investment in the real estate sector is the safest option when it comes to Pakistan. Hence, the property market is always thriving with activity with even price correction phases, not holding back investors.

Understanding the importance of property insights and knowledge about the real estate market investment havens,, Pakistan’s best real estate website delves deeper to help you decide where to invest in the cultural capital of the country, i.e. Lahore.

  1. Defence Housing Authority (DHA): DHA and real estate go hand in hand. Given its immaculate town-planning, state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities and perfect implementation of rules and regulations, indeed makes it a much sought-after residential locality of Lahore. The most promising sectors for buying a house is Phase 5 and DHA Rahbar, while for investment in plots you should consider Phase 6 and onwards where rapid development is taking place these days. The average price of a 1 Kanal plot in Phase 6 & 7 is around, Rs. 12-13 million.
  2. Bahria Town: This is another big name in the real estate industry which has set up high standards and considered to be a safe investment option. It has completed a number of projects in Lahore such as Executive Lodges, Overseas Enclave and Safari Villas etc. The value of its plots in Sectors C, D & E have also risen over the last quarter so it is a good investment option. The price of a 1 Kanal plot in these sectors ranges between Rs.9-10 million.
  3. Lahore Cantt: It is one of the most posh localities of Lahore with huge mansions, wide-spaced and tree-canopied roads and the best infrastructural facilities in town. Lahore Cantt has been going through some price hikes which recently took a slight downturn but are expected to soar again. So, now is the time to take advantage of this and invest in property here which you can sell off later, once its price rises again. The average price of a 1 Kanal plot here lies between Rs.25-30 million.
  4. LDA City: Lahore Development Authority is constructing a mega housing project by the name of LDA City. It is situated in the central location around Main Ferozepur Road and developmental work is undergoing at full pace. It is deemed to be a good investment prospect and hence its plot files are being sold like hot cakes. The prices of these files is between Rs. 2.8-3 million.
  5. Gulberg: This place has been the most upscale neighborhood of Lahore since the very beginning. All the elite class, businessmen, renowned actors and sports figures reside in Gulberg. Adding on, it is a very central location which can be easily accessed from all sides of Lahore and houses everything from top notch schools, colleges, commercial centers etc. Currently, it is deemed as the most expensive locality of Lahore and its price for a 1 Kanal plot is from Rs. 30-35 million.