By Yousaf Alamgirian  

It is not new that India is propagating against Pakistan s nuclear program. Indians and specially its new generation are groomed like that that they have to malign Pakistan in each and every affair. It always makes false claims regarding Pakistan nukes and other security installations. The most favorite propaganda is on security of the nukes that they may fall into terrorist’s hands. On this US-India-Israel cackles are heard world over. Matter of the fact is that they knew well that Pakistani nukes are very much safe but in order to malign Pakistan they keep on doing such propaganda. Recently Indian national security’s ex advisor Berjaish Mishra has blamed Pakistan that Pakistan kept CIA in obscurity regarding its nuclear program. He has also blamed that “The Pakistan Army will never accept peace with India as its very existence depends on hostility towards New Delhi”.  He has cautioned that India have to remain alert from China and Pakistan both in nest three years. He gave his expert opinion that China may not go for nuclear attack but Pakistan can take lead in doing the same.

Ironically Mr. Mishra is terming Pakistan’s nuclear program a threats but it is on record that it was India which initiated atomic race in the region. Pakistan had to achieve the same in its response. These are all planed efforts as after a short span of time something is must to appear in media regarding Pakistani nukes. Sometime back American newspaper Washington post published a story maligning Pakistan for having achieved atomic weapons double than that of the India. This is India which initiated the weapon race in this region which is causing many threats to the regional peace. But USA always behaves like deaf and dumb when it is pertaining to India. It always joins hands with India to defame Pakistan’s nuclear sector but on the other USA itself has signed civil nuclear technology deal with India. It has obviously unbalanced the nuclear equilibrium in the region.

  America considers Pakistan as a nightmare

India has never accepted Pakistan‘s emergence from its heart. Its hegemonic designs have made it a mad elephant which wants to ruin everything including all of its neighboring countries. As for as Pakistan is concerned it has always behaved like a responsible state  but Washington post like newspapers out of serving the interest of America and its friendly countries are always there to propagate against Pakistan nukes. Sometimes they flame information as the terrorists are going to take over Pakistan nukes and sometimes declare Pakistan so irresponsible a state that it may go for nuclear attack on enemy countries.

On one hand India is busy in negative propaganda against Pakistan and on the other it is massacring masses of Kashmir who are fighting for their rights. More than 62 dams are under constructions which will obvious dry Pakistan Rivers and Pakistan will suffer in order to fulfill its water needs. India has so far posed four wars on Pakistan. It is the one which facilitated Mukti Bahini to disintegrate Pakistan. In 1974 India went for its first ever atomic explosion establishing its domination on neighboring countries including Pakistan. It was the time when Pakistan was left with no option to get atomic technology to ensure its sovereignty and to keep deterrence in order to secure its boundaries. Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s role in acquiring atomic status has to be remembered for ever, who wowed to get the same even if the nation had to eat grass. After that every government continued supporting the nuclear program and Pakistan did a successful explosion on May 28th 1998.  It is said at the time when Pakistan did explosion Indian parliament session was in progress they got the news there and for a while everybody was stunned and mum.  


Now that Pakistan has become a nuclear state the anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistan elements are intriguing to destabilize Pakistan’s peaceful atomic deterrence. They can’t even think of an Islamic country achieving a nuclear status. This is the reason US-Israel-Indian lobby has joined hands to harm Pakistan’s nuclear program. The theory America has come into Afghanistan to fight war against terrorism has gone wrong as there are bundle of evidences that it is behind Pakistan’s nuclear program. Through its presence in Afghanistan it can easily keep an eye on Iran’s nuclear program as well. Now after the news that President Hamid Karzai has given approval of permanent American military bases in Afghanistan shows American interest to remain in this region even after pulling out its forces.

India seems in the doldrums as sometimes its officials declare Pakistan nukes highly risking for the regional peace and sometimes they declare the same in a really safe hands. So they keep giving certain statements regarding Pakistan nukes fulfilling their agenda which they have set to target Pakistan and its nuclear capability. Pakistan doesn’t have to mention that it will go to the extent to use its capability when comes the issue of its survival and sovereignty. Pakistan’s command and control authority is for more a responsible and abstemious in a sense than that of other countries including India and America, hence they need not to worry about the negative use of this ability.   

Yousaf Alamgirian is Rawalpindi, Pakistan based freelance columnist.