Who is Shahid Hayat Khan, every one want to know that after Altaf Hussain cursing on this man. As this man is famous for judicial killing of so called Muhajirs (Urdu Speaking).  Currently he is acting chief of Karachi Police.

He was also on duty Policemen in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto. At that time Shahid was Area Superintendent of Police (ASP) Saddar, Karachi.

bhutto shahid hayat khan

He reject that he belongs to Mehsood tribe. MQM believe that he is biased Police officer specially for Muhajjirs. After incident of Fahad MQM took advantage of situation and request to the Prime Minister and Interior Minister to change the top level management of Karachi Police otherwise Government will be responsible for riots in the city.

shahid hayat khan karachi police chief ALTAF HUSSAIN Declared Shahid Hayat Khan a pyschological patient who need medical treatment, He said in his today Press Conference. He also warned him to stop monster behavior otherwise he will suffer.