Blogging is most emerging thing on internet while a person named Aamir Atta understood this thing in 2008 and started blogging as a hobby. In a very short span of time, he got very good response from Google. As telecom is the sector on which people search a lot on search engines.Most of us are likely to check the reviews before buying any electronic gadget specially in case of mobile and smart phones. Now Telecom sector become a major industry in Pakistan.

Who is Aamir Atta?

Founder of Pro Pakistani Blog

He is young entrepreneur, who is currently living in Islamabad but basically belongs to Lahore. He is working in Telecom company named as Telenor.

Aamir Atta met with CEO of Telenor group Jon Fredrik Baksaas

For getting any business on some stage, capital is required. That’s the bitter truth. There are only countable ideas on which you don’t need capital and mostly belongs to Information Technology. Excluding IT and see other sectors we came to know that financing play vital role for getting success of any idea.

When Pro Pakistani become a brand?

Business have some levels, you can say that every business have at least seven level. It’s not product life cycle like phase of initialization, growth ,maturity and then decline. It’s different one. For example when Aamir started his new venture of blogging, he set some goals like when i got 1,000 visitors daily, i will contact to those companies for getting advertisement. When i got advertisement, hired some persons to post articles/news on my blog. This is level 1. Similarly other levels are.

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So this is the story of young entrepreneur of Pakistan.