Ofcom and state-sponsored censorship

By Kourosh Ziabari

Although the UK's state media regulator Ofcom has ruled that Press TV should be taken off the Sky platform for the compensation of what is claimed to be the violation of "Ofcom's Broadcasting Code," it's almost clear to everyone that the voice of truth and impartiality cannot be silenced effortlessly.

It's equally clear that those who want to exert political pressure on Press TV to force it into giving up its independent and objective stance cannot achieve their ominous goal as long as Press TV is viewed and loved by millions of people around the world who want to go beyond the surface of the propagandistic and erroneous coverage of the international events by the mainstream, corporate media. 

Since it was launched in 2007, Press TV's large-scale policy was to serve as a voice for the voiceless; a voice for those who can't enter the complicated and intricate structure of the mainstream media and have their voice heard by the global audiences. Press TV has always been credited with objectivity in reporting and presenting an alternative, unconventional viewpoint on the world issues, especially the developments in the blistering Middle East and that's why many Western citizens, especially those in the UK and the US who are overfed with the lies and fabrications of their state-owned media from BBC and Daily Telegraph to CNN and Fox News, resort to it to explore the other side of the story and figure out what is really happening in their countries which they are obliviously unaware of as a result of the duplicitous and unfaithful performance of their media. 

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With the implicit encouragement and support of the Royal Family, the UK politicians have in the recent years made frequent crippling attempts to debase Press TV and enfeeble its international position. Under various pretexts, they put pressure on the British staff of Press TV and used all the leverages at their disposal to disrupt Press TV's performance and undermine its prestige. 

Now that they have issued a verdict that Press TV should be taken off the Sky platform, several prominent journalists, activists and international observers have protested at this imprudent decision and condemned the British government for its flagrant censorship and political intolerance. 

Renowned American author and journalist Kevin Barrett praises Press TV for its comprehensive coverage of the global developments and condemns the Ofcom's impertinent decision, saying, "Press TV may be the best English-language journalistic outlet in the world. Its journalists are encouraged to report critically on the powerful forces that rule the English-speaking world, and who are attempting to take over the rest of the planet – namely the New World Order banksters and their lackeys." 

"Additionally, Press TV and its Arabic analogue Al-Alam provide the best available mass media coverage of the Middle East. The Orwellian autocrats at Ofcom must be prevented from silencing the last remaining free voices in English-language media," he added. 

American journalist and associate researcher with the Canada-based Center for Research on Globalization Stephen Lendman also believes that Press TV is a reliable, trustworthy and influential media outlet and with its inauguration, BBC and Al-Jazeera have been consigned to oblivion. "Pressure exerted on Press TV by Cameron's government is outrageous and they don't have any justification for treating Press TV like this. Britain calls itself a democracy while silencing the media like this, and this is not democracy; this is only the manifestation of a police state." 


"Press TV is a valuable source of information. I follow it daily, because it provides real news and information and commentary, but BBC doesn't do it. BBC is wholly controlled by the British government. It gives its listeners and viewers mere propaganda. It doesn't provide real information. They lie; they fabricate the stories and don't tell the truth. I advise you avoid Al-Jazeera, avoid BBC and avoid all the Western media. Avoid America's media. They are absolutely appalling. My heart goes with Press TV and I advise you to watch Press TV," Lendman added. 

Raja G. Mujtaba, a Pakistani journalist and the editor of Opinion Maker website, also believes that the UK and the West are mounting pressures on independent media such as Press TV in order to deprive their people from having access to the truthful news and unbiased analysis on the world issues, "the West is trying to deny us at our cost all the avenues of keeping the people informed. Now the latest axe has fallen on Press TV which is an important organ of Iranian communication setup that is providing the world with the other side of the story. If it's banned, then the West would have a free hand to feed all lies to the world and deny the truth." 

Press TV is being limited by the UK government because it has remained steadfast in the face of pressures by the Zionist lobby and retained its objectivity in giving coverage to important and critical events such as the brutal crackdown of the police on the peaceful protesters in London and other European cities, the lavishness and corruption of the UK Royal Family, the News of the World's phone hacking scandal which implicated the Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch and other topics which displeased the British politicians. 

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However, what is evident is that Press TV will keep up with its independent and striking trajectory and demonstrate that intellectual terrorism and state-sponsored censorship will not affect its inspiring mission as the voice of the voiceless. 

Courtesy PRESS TV