The bomb blast in lower Dir revealed the active presence of US soldiers in Pakistan under the guise of as “Trainers”. When the US sent its ‘trainers’ in Pakistan, back in 2007, a common question was being raised amongst the people of Pakistan, “Does our army really needs ‘training’ from the US army..?” whereas our army is considered to be one of the best armies of the world, therefore, if our own ex army men impart training to our army wouldn’t that be more useful. However, if the US wanted to train Pakistan army in meeting with “terrorism” then what experience do they have in “war-on-terror’ except ruthlessly and indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, including car and truck bomb-blasts conducted by themselves in crowded places like markets and near around the mosques which itself were “terrorist activities”…?
Now, coming to the point of the “US army trainers” in Pakistan, it is quite likely that US did want to bring in its forces in Pakistan and for that the US administration carved the strategy of to bring them under the guise of “trainers”, for which the US would have sought permission for brining the “trainers” under the cover of an agreement exactly when the US Drones starting hitting in Pakistan areas and Pakistani media made hue and cry, the US told the Pakistani media that they have permission for Drone attacks in Pakistan but they did not disclose as who gave them the “permission”. Therefore, the people, as well as the media, were taken by surprise as who gave this permission to US..? However, it was thought that either the permission would have been given by Gen. Musharraf or by Asif Ali Zardari as the US/CIA did not disclose it. But now it could be understood that both the permissions, of Drone attacks and also of brining in US “army trainers”, in Pakistan, must have been given by Gen. Musharraf in his last days as US would have asked for ‘cooperation’ from Musharraf as, probably, he would have thought that he too might as well require US “cooperation” in the coming days when he would be compelled to go on “self-exile”, like of Shah of Iran.
There are self-contradictions of US administration in this regards, as the US forces are in Pakistan since 2003 as the proofs are as under.
1. Renown journalist, Declan Walsh, reported on 23rd Dec.2009, in an article published in one of the sections of the press that “US forces mounted secret raids in FATA between 2003 and 2008, wherein he disclosed that American special forces have conducted multiple clandestine raids into Pakistan’s tribal area as part of a secret war in the border region, to the extent that helicopter-borne elite soldier stealing across the border at night, and were never declared to the government in Islamabad”., confirmed by a former NATO officer. Whereas there have been many such helicopter-borne operations by American forces even in day-time and they killed civilians , men, women and children by indiscriminate firing and flew back, as reported by the villagers. 
2. In Oct; 2008, Richard Engel, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent, confirmed in his article “Our secret war in Pakistan” Posted: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 from Jalalabad, Afghanistan, “U.S. military officials don’t talk about our secret war in Pakistan.  Don’t even ask, I was told, on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan at Bagram and Jalalabad. Don’t ask about the remotely-controlled American drones armed with missiles that are now hunting across the Pakistani border, searching through the mountain peaks, valleys and dusty villages inside Pakistan for the leaders of a few dozen networks of al-Qaida fighters, Taliban militants, warlords, weapons smugglers and opium traffickers.”
He also said, “and certainly don’t ask about the troops on bases here in Afghanistan who don’t wear uniforms, have long beards (so they can better blend in during covert operations), tattoos and don’t mingle with regular soldiers.  They eat in their own chow halls, plan their own missions and don’t talk much. They don’t talk at all to the media.  They’re the men who have been called in to cross into Pakistan when the drones can’t get deep enough to find and kill their targets.” 
He further says, “They are elite Special Operations Forces, the most-highly trained and covert of the U.S. military. They are America’s ghost warriors. According to Pakistani villagers who claim to have witnessed their operations, the "Special Ops" work in small teams, fast roping out of helicopters, air assaulting their objective before the enemy can re-group. Their strengths are rapid violence, stealth, mobility and surprise. The Special Operations Forces don’t receive much attention or credit in the media, but they’re leading America’s secret war inside Pakistan, at least for now.”
Well, the big question is who are they…? The real Americans or the TTP- Tehrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan…? According to the characteristics of the Special Ops of US army operating in Pakistan, as reported by Richard Engel, look like either they are Afghans or Pakistani Pashtuns and in fact are Pakistani Taliban, trained and equipped with latest arms and ammunition supplied by US army and the US army helicopters have been taking them inside Pakistan where the US/CIA wanted them to create violence, as mentioned above, and that is why the US forces deliberately vacated 5 important posts when Pakistan army started operation in South Waziristan, so that the retreating TTP, may retreat through the area deliberately vacated by US forces. How can US deny of NOT stabbing in the back of Pakistan by USA…? 
3. On 22nd December, 2009 Holbrook said to PBS Television, “ we have members of our intelligence personnel, but no troops in Pakistan” and in another question by Charlie Sheen asked, “ So there may be CIA people an Special Operations people?” upon which Holbrook responded confirming that the US had members of its intelligence services in every country in the world”, but he skipped replying to the presence of US Special Operating forces in Pakistan about which Richard Engel confirmed its presence in Pakistan’s NWFP and FATA in his article, mentioned above.
Richard Engel has given the most accurate information about the presence of US soldiers in Pakistan as he stayed in Kabul for quite some time and noted down even the minute details he could have gathered about US army which he mentioned in his article. His article was published in different magazines, in US. I also went through the “Comments” of the American readers, who have not only been appreciating and encouraging the US armies to carry on such “operations” in Pakistan but some of them have also been abusing Pakistan, and asked the US army to snatch and destroy the nukes from this ‘Muslim’ country.
But USA has always been lying to the Pakistani people as well as to the media, in collaboration with the Pakistani rulers who, in turn, have been lying to its people, whereas the media did not bother to investigate in detail into such information or they, probably, were also ‘sold-out’, alike, to CIA, at the cost of national interests. Because when Richard Engel’s article “Our Secret War in Pakistan”, first published in the Frontier Post in the 2nd week of October, 2008, the government of Pakistan issued a small clarification that there were approximately 70 US army trainers in Pakistan, whereas according to Richard’s article they were “Elite Forces of USA” as he never mentioned them as US army trainers. 
Secondly, accepting US army men for “training” of our frontier constabulary force or our own army men is a disgrace to our army because our army, trained by our own ex army men, is considered to be one of the best armies in the world, whereas the US army is Not parallel to our army in any field except the air force or navy.
Thirdly, it is also said by the government of Pakistan as well as by the US administration that the US army men imparting training to the Frontier Security forces which is like making fool of a child, because the members of frontier constabulary force neither have nor they use the ammunition used by TTP and, moreover, how can US/CIA will provide training of the use of the same state-of-the-art ammunition to the Frontier Security Force which was being used by the American mercenary force, the TTP.
Finally, the frontier constabulary force would have been trained in a better way by Pak army trainers, in their own language; either Pashto or Urdu as they won’t be able to understand American English in typical American accent then all the time the American “trainer’ needs an interpreter.
However, the US “Special Operating Forces”, the TTP, about which Richard Engel has mentioned in its article, had a big set back when their leader Baitullah Mehsud was killed by mistake, by a US/CIA Drone attack which has turned the table and now the TTP members have gone against US, and they managed to kill seven CIA officials in its Head Quarter, in Khost, Afghanistan. Therefore, CIA also enhanced 75% Drone attacks on militants, mostly on TTP members in retaliation of killing of CIA officials in Khost. That is why a big change in US Af-Pak policy being observed, and now the US is pressurizing Pakistan to start operation in the North Waziristan too. Now the time has come for the US, as well as NATO forces, to seal border between Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to contain Taliban in their respective areas, for which Pakistan has been asking since long, even before when Pakistan army started operation in S. Waziristan whereas US forces did not cooperate and deliberately left/vacated Five strategically important posts, in order to make way for the retreating US ‘mercenary forces’, the TTP.  
USA’s Special Operating Forces as described by Richard Engel, have been creating violence in NWFP cities as described by Richard Engel in his article “Our Secret War in Pakistan”, which was an eye opener for the rulers but unfortunately the ‘eyes’, of not only the previous rulers but also of the present rulers, were closed as their “self-interests” were more dear to them over the national interests.
However, the US “army trainers”, somehow or the other managed to reach just near 9 km away from Kahuta, in Sihala Police Training Camp, after “prevailing upon” the Min of Interior. They were also caught roaming around quite frequently, near the vicinity of Kahuta but remained unsuccessful to enter there. However, when their covert activities enhanced and were found installing some undisclosed/unidentified equipments, possibly of measuring the radiation levels, by some patriotic police officials in the adjacent portion of the building, who reported the matter to their high-ups and these Americans, most probably the members of US Special Operating Force in civilian dresses, were finally expelled from there.
In view of the above the fact of the matter is that US has been lying that its forces are not in Pakistan. But the gruesome incident of bomb blast in Lower Dir where 3 US soldiers were also killed revealed the truth. Although the government of Pakistan as well as the US administration have denied of the presence of US army in Pakistan but these are all ‘White lies’ and trying to make fool of the people, whereas, as a matter of fact, the US Special Forces are “operating” in Pakistan since 2007, getting all sorts of information and know-how as how could they manage to reach up to the nukes and the nuclear sites which was their prime objective of coming over to Afghanistan under the guise of “war-on-terror” and also to impart “Training” to Pakistan army which was a joke as our army would never like to have training from the cowards sitting in their dens on just 20% of Afghanistan for the last 9 years, wasting American publics’, millions of dollars, hard earned tax money by eating, drinking, playing cards, video games and watching movies in well-guarded compounds.

Probably the Americans have forgotten the words of her own country’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865): “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”. Allah-o-Akbar