It’s alarming situation for the citizens of Pakistan as we ranked number one in porn searches on Google(World Top Search Engine). Why our youth is searching such stuff which is legally,ethically and religiously prohibited in our country.
It’s all matter of frustration because prostitution is banned in our state while thirsty youth satisfy himself by watching porn stuff online. Government took initiative by banning major giants in this field. All tubes banned but still accessing through proxy servers.

Our recommendation to the Government of Pakistan to banned all proxy websites and don’t get chance to promote black hat webpreneur. All such harmful acts should be legislate and penalize who’re trying to access such material. Otherwise we can’t encounter this horrible disease which is moving our innocent youths towards endless destruction.

I shocked while i doing research on this sinful topic, people are crazy. searching such keywords which are meaningless.

How to overcome this problem?

It’s not easy by banning all the ways to access these porn sites in Pakistan. But we need to educate and teach them it’s heinous sin we should keep away ourselves. Because if we try to close with such things it not only ate us internally but also morally destruct.

If someone registered a local domain and installed proxy server in their hosting and make it accessible to banned sites then why not Government cease such sites.
E.g. , and many more…

There are dozens of websites operating from Pakistan and openly accessible banned stuff but no one is giving notice of this thing. It’s great responsibility to legislative assembly of Pakistan to pass rules and regulations and develop a strategy to overcome this issue. Otherwise this bad thing put roots in our society and cultivated after sometime. And then it’s very difficult to cut totally.

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Open  your eyes and educate the society about the difference in right and wrong.