Islam has two major sects Sunni and Shia. While Ismali are sub category of Shia’s Islam and Brelvi , Debondi and Ahle Hadith are sub category of Sunni Islam.

Sect Population
Brelvi 50%
Debondi 20%
Shia 18%
Ahle Hadith 4%
Ismali 2%
Others 2%

Ahmaddiya who actually are non-muslims but called themselves muslims are 0.25% in Pakistan. Small number of Quranist who are actually ahle Quran themselves.Zikri followers are mostly based in Balouchistan.

Punjab is most dominant area of Brelvi and majority of Ismali sect believers based in Gilgit Baltistan.

People of west Pakistan are less conservative as compare to east one(Balouchistan & KPK).Saudia Arab sent funds to Ahle Hadees sect to propagate the message of truth around the country.  As major difference between Brelvi and Wahabi sect is believe on shrines.

sects of ISLAM