Star power is all about charisma and who better than the campus crowd to decide who’s hot,who’s not.Opinions,opinions, opinions.In  a move crazy nation like ours,they are dime a dozen.And college canteens are playground for them.But wait,these are the views that truly matters when it comes to entertainment.It’s these voices that make or break a star.If they give thumbs up to kareena kapoor or katrina kaif they zoom up the popularity scale.So,who sits on the acme of popularity? Who’s hot? Who’s not? Who got it and Who can flaunt it? We zoomed in and out of college canteens, cofee shops, and other ‘ hangout addas’ looking for answer queries.Read on and find out which stars make the cut in a poll by the youth,of the youth and for the youth.

Smokin’ Hot

Katrina Kaif  

(Sexiest Actress & Most Eligible Bachelorette)

Angelic face and that super-hot body;Katrina kaif is every boy’s favourite day dream. This is the third time in a row that she is winning in the sexiest actress category.She was great in’ Zindagi Na Milaygi Dobara’ and looked beautiful in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’

Pearly white

Shahrukh Khan

(Best smile-Male)

Shah Rukh Khan is charm personified.His dimpled smile makes girls go week in the knees. And Shah Rukh Khan knows that his smile takes him miles.Once he tweeted;

“A star has to smile in public,whatever the actual feeling in his heart . Poeple are used to seeing him smile always”.

Boy Wonder

Ranbir Kapoor

(Most Eligible Bachelor)

He’s got the looks, the talent,the money and that bad boy image girl’s fall for.Ranbir Kapoor,close on the heels of superstardom is every girl’s ideal guy. The Casanova image works.A chick magnet,his superb portrayal of love,pain and angst in’ Rockstar’ ,has only earned more brownie points from the girls.And in ‘Barfi’those innocent acts and mischiefs adds to his cuteness.

  Wall Street Money Machine

Hanky Dory

Hrithik Roshan

(Sexiest Actor)

Hazel eyes,Greek God looks and that chiseled body;Any surprise why the youth patronize hrithik roshan as the sexiest guy in bollywood.Whether its his intense performances on his jagger -like moves,Hrithik is the stuff girls drool over.He turned on the heat with his role as a sexy thief in Dhoom 2.With Kites and Zindagi Na Milaygi Dobara, he’s just upped the hotness quotient.With two kids,he can easily be considered India’s sexiest dad too.

Pin up girl

Deepika Padukone  

(Best figure )

Deepika Padukone sizzled on the ramp ,oozed sensuality on calendars,wowed on the big screen and is now every guy’s fantasy girl. She has a face that can launch a thousand brands.A body that can smash the mercury tubes.So, it comes as no surprise that she tops the list of actresses who have a smokin’ hot figure. A perfect combination of an international model body and classic indian faceCollege students are not the only one digging this south asian beauty.Actors cricketers and even buisness tycoons give her their nod.

Super Heroine

Kareena Kapoor

(Most Glamorous,Best Hair & Best Skin)

She’s tinsel town’s favouite girl.Alabster skin,Remy Martin eyes and that impeccable style;Kareena is a true blue diva.Whether it’s Gucci,Armani,Versace,Manish Malhotra or Aki Narula , she can carry off anything.With panache.No wonder she’s the nation’s chamak challo today. Her on screen fashion and red carpet appearences have made her a glamour icon.And yes,her luscious mane and beautiful skin only add to her over all appeal.

Infectious & How!

Madhuri Dixit 

(Best smile-Female)

Okay,there is no count on for how many pieces have been written about Madhuri Dixit’s smile.But still one never get tired about disscusing that Million Dollar beem.Here is the smile which can brighten up a gloomy room.Collegians still go gaga over this mother of two.Now that she’s moved back to India,everyone’s waiting for that famous smile to flash across the screen again.

  Support the Victims-Save The Country!

Haute stuff

Sonam Kapoor 

(Best Dressed Actress)

She has made more headlines for her sartorial tastes than her outings at the movies.Even when sh’s swining in and out of the airports,we catch her at her stylish best.With her knowledge of couture,Sonam is a true blue fashionista.She’s also a muse to top-of-the-line photographers and designers.She made news with her electic fashion sense at the Cannes film festival.