After a very long time, i impressed with any Bollywood movie. PK is not acronym of Pakistan. It’s super duper Indian movie. Pk is full of thrill, romance and suspense. A complete balanced movie which didn’t criticize on a single religion.

It guide those who complete misguided by religion. A religion always add ease  in your life not difficulties. But reality is totally differ in Indo-Pak. Where Some people make religion a business and start making innocent people goof.

This movie also shows that we Indian and Pakistani have same cultural norms. The only difference between us is of Agency. In India ISI involved in proxy war while in Pakistan RAW is creating insurgency.

I suggest to every Bollywood lover must watch this movie. It’s movie of Alien which is living in our society but hidden, they tried to uncover it.

Anushika Sharma performed very well her role and no comments on Super model Aamir Khan acting. He acted as he is alien by birth 😀 He transformed his role in himself that’s why his acting is superb in Pk Movie.

Time Duration : 140 Minutes

pk movie review