LFS, In Solidarity with the Kashmiri People

The League of Filipino Students stands firmly with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir in their struggle for self-determination.  Throughout the world, people have struggled for freedom and sovereignty against the attacks of the class alliance of reactionary governments, big bourgeois compradors and capitalists, big landlords and state forces. The state itself is exposing its anti-people character, appealing to the interest of the ruling few. The use of the reactionary armed forces against the people fuels and furthers their desire to be autonomous, to be able to decide for the interest of the majority. Because of the conflicting interests of the ruling class and the reactionary state, the people are endangered, killed and abused.

The Indian government have failed in solving the problem of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Instead, the Indian government has used brute force to repress the rage of the Kashmiri people, not addressing their legitimate calls. They even dismiss their actions as ‘Muslim fundamentalist’ while blinding the people of the real situation. The government is trying to protect the fake democracy they never fail to boast of. The people’s fury won’t be killed by violence, only through concrete steps towards the realization of their concrete calls.

To all Kashmiri people, you are not alone in this struggle. In the Philippines, indigenous people are still bound by class, neglect of the state and sheer discrimination. There is a large incidence of land grabbing, harassment, amongst other forms of abuse and oppression. They realize the importance of organized work and educating their people about their history and the need to push forward for self-determination. But the state continues to kill and harass their leaders and the members of their organization. Despite these attacks, they gain support from the people, from workers, students, peasants, and all struggling people all over the world. The support and their determination to end all oppression push them to advance their organizational work and raise the level of political awareness among their ranks. Exploitation and oppression around the world root from class conflict. The interest of the ruling class will never reconcile with the interests of the oppressed majority.

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We call on the Kashmiri people to continue to arouse, organize and mobilize their people. Educate them of the roots of their plight. Only through your solid unity and organized movement, together with people around the world in national liberation and self-determination movements, will crush the tyranny of the ruling class. Regardless of race, color, religion or belief, all people will continue the struggle in building a society free from oppression, a society based on social justice.


The League of Filipino Students is one of the widest and most active
national democratic youth organizations in the Philippines. It has
over 30,000 members in its chapters in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It
also has one chapter in San Fransisco State University, USA. It is the
vanguard of the anti-imperialist struggle of the Filipino youth. It
believes that the root cause of the crisis of the Philippine society
is imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism. It believes that
the students and youth should unite with the struggle of the people
for its national democratic aspirations towards socialism.