If we were to compare these two car selling websites both have their own strengths and weakpoints. Print

Pakwheels is a decade older than Carmudi and has more users likewise. You can search any car on both sites and the numbers on Pakwheels are overwhelming, however this comparison is only for Pakistan. I have placed a same ad of my car on both websites and will now see the result.

Carmudi.pk launched in 2013 worldwide has struggled in Pakistan initially since its biggest competitor pakwheels has been working and improving for more than a decade. Carmudi.pk is just a internet platform for people to be able to sell cars pakwheels.com is more than that. You can visit the website yourself http://www.pakwheels.com/carmudi-vs-pakwheels/ and see that there are more than half dozen good features that they offer which no other car selling website in Pakistan offers. Pakwheels was made so that car lovers could have a proper platform not just to sell cars but also discuss them in order to know everything related to cars.

Pak WHeels Vs Carmudi

Here are the actual facts about both the competitors. Pakwheels have 2.7 million visits monthly, whereas Carmudi have only 151,000. The average time on site for Pakwheels is 7:37 minutes and for Carmudi is 3:19. The difference between pages per visit is only 0.38. Bounce rate which is the percentage or the number of people who leaves the website after visiting the first page mostly homepage is higher in Carmudi.