Editors Note: Awami National Party was never worth more than 5 seats in the Assembly, it was the short-sighted Nawaz Sharif for his motives that he promoted this party to the level that it has attained today. Not only this, then to get his third time eligibility that he supported the 18th amendment to the constitution that also incorporated the name change of NWFP. After the passage of the bill, Nawaz Sharif wanted to appease the Hazaras who booed him out from the area.

By Naveed Tajammal

Pakhtunistan Flag

It was a sad affair reading a news report, that Asfandyar Wali and Hoti, the CM of K-P,

will be holding a festival in New York, on 15 may 2010,to celebrate the renaming of NWFP and the 2nd Bacha Jan peace conference,(Bacha Jan being, Ghaffar Khan, grandfather of Asfandyar).The chief guest to grace this auspicious bench mark in the redshirt history is to be Sonia Gandhi, who heads the Congress party of INDIA, The same India, which has encircled us with defence pacts, and strangulated our water resources, it seems the renaming has brought out the true colours of the ANP band.

What amazes one is the audacity of this band of recent immigrants in our lands as will be explained, who are claiming divinity over the majority of non-Pathan population of old NWFP.

A peep and a brief prelude on the workings and role of the founding father of this party, is a must for an average reader, only then can most comprehend the designs of old red shirts, and the new redcap party, it is true that ANP did manage to grab a few seats of the total 125 seats of old NWFP. However in reality it was a staged managed affair, to propel a secular minded party, from the shadows to the limelight, never mind what destruction it would bring, Games being games, played by players who call the shots

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for the time being, to serve their own vested ends.

Secessionists; the ANP band has always been, from day one, but first see the pious intentions of the God father of this

Bacha Khan with his son Wali Khan

band, the grand parent of Asfandyar Wali, Rajmohan Gandhi, published a book on ”Ghaffar Khan” in 2004,based on various interviews which he had taken of Ghaffar Khan, the Bacha jan, on page 8, of the above cited book the author states, quoting Ghaffar Khan ”I have one great desire, i want to knit ,the divided tribes of Pakhtuns, spread out from Baluchistan to Chitral, into one community………..”

A noble cause indeed, but what of those unfortunate people who have lived in the old NWFP  since thousands of years, prior to the coming of first wave of Pathans, in the same area, whose ancestors had given refuge to these wandering tribes pushed out, from west of the present Durand line ??? only 500 years back, in the east 500 years is not of any vintage, however with the passage of time this lot had mixed up with old, residents of the region in 1849 jumped in the British, and from 1855 onward they opened our borders to wave after wave of new immigrants, the Britt’s had their own ulterior motives behind this move, so this new class of Pashtuns came to Punjab, as till 1901, the present NWFP was the Punjab, just to highlight the magnitude of immigrants, only in the old Peshawar district which was, Peshawar, Charsadda, Swabi, Mardan and Nowsehra-the number of immigrants the Pashto speakers between 1881-1931, were 249,347, or quarter a million.

Pakhtunistan Stamp

It is this lot which has spearheaded the ANP move,it is they, who have relations across the borders, not the first lots, which came 500 years back that too in waves till 1600’s,as the Khyber pass opened up, as a trade route !!! And why did Ghaffar Khan get himself buried in Jalalabad, in the old family grave yard ???

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Now addressing the linguistic issue, the languages from north to south of old NWFP.

are, Wakhani, Besh-Gali, Wai-Ali, Pashai, Dardic, Khowari (Chitrali), Shini, Kohistani, Hindkohi, Tanauli, Awankari of Kohat, Dhundi-Karali of Abbottabad, Khetrani/Saraiki of DI KHAN, and Muluki of Bannu, Ormuri had been the language of whole Waziristan, again a name awarded to this region by the British, Diri was spoken in DIR, before the influx of Pathans.

Now we revert back to the desire of Ghaffar Khan to unite the Pathan tribes and how so.

D.G. Tendulkar, writes in his book,” Abdul Ghaffar Khan”, 1967. Bombay  print, page-518,” Abdul Ghaffar Khan, wanted the frontier area to become a part of India (post 947) having failed in that venture, he demanded a separate province in Pakistan, where he wanted to be a king, having failed here too, now, he wanted to make frontier region a part of Afghanistan”.

In 1930 after the round table conference, Ghaffar Khan had given a proposal to the new King of Afghanistan Nadir Shah,( who had usurped the throne from, Habibullah Kalakhani, miscalled Bacha Saqa), that soon, the British empire will be divided in two parts, in anticipation of which, Afghan government, should approach the British, to let the Pathans of NWFP choose, the state which they wanted to join, the choice given was two aspects only then, Afghanistan or India, this was between 1931-34. The British wanted time, however again between, 1943-1946, it was a hot issue, between Afghans and British. Ghaffar Khan being the instigator, King Zahir Shah and Ghaffar Khan now proposed to the British the following options;

  • Formation of an independent Pathan state.
  • Accession to Afghanistan, India and lastly Pakistan.
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When British did not heed to his demands, Ghaffar Khan joined, the congress party, Nehru and Gandhi became his mentors at large, with it arose the slogan of undivided India independence, meanwhile, they threw a bone to Zahir Shah too, the congress agreed to give him, in connivance with Ghaffar Khan, Karachi port as a personal fief.

Read what Wali khan has to say in his book ”facts are facts” defining the ideology of Pakistan, pages -204-5,”hindus and Muslims, for centuries had lived together,…a part of India was given a different name….”,Today in the shoes of Ghaffar Khan stands, Asfandyar, Sonia carries the Gandhi name, and the mantle of Nehru dynasty, the old band lives(Ghaffar, Gandhi and Nehru) and Karazia represents Zahir Shah, it is the first long awaited step they celebrate on 15 may 2010 in NEW YORK and why not Delhi. Somebody rightly said,

For those who understand,

No explanation is needed,

For those who do not understand,

No explanation is possible.

Naveed Tajammal is a historian with a special focus on Indus Civilisation and the Muslim World. He is been researching for the past 25 years. He is Member Board of Advisors, Opinion Maker.