After a detailed discussion on Parliament, Pakistani Government have decided to be neutral in Yemen crisis. Why this war is so important for all countries in this region? And How it’ll change the world politics specially Middle East?


Pakistan and its history told us that we took part in every countries war indirectly. We rented out our army for others country war. As a nation, we lost our repute into the world. But after this decision, other nations start thinking that we’re sovereign country and can do decision’s independently.It’s healthy sign for Pakistan’s Foreign Policy. But how much dangerous it’s because we annoyed our unrivaled Gulf countries.

Why it’s so dangerous for us ?

We forgot that a big population of Pakistani working in Gulf (A combination of six countries: Saudi Arab, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates). If they put some sanctions on Pakistani expatriate then what would be happen to our economy and how badly it impact on unemployment rate. Saudi Arab is leading country as per Pakistan expatriate. They will start preferring the Indians which are already in huge number in these countries.

Second, Most probably after this decision all gulf countries start revising our grants program. Which will affect the development projects in Pakistan. It’ll shaken the weak Pakistani Economy.

Third, Most of Arabs perceived this decision badly and stop investing in Pakistan. While Emir of Qatar already did. He preferred to invest in India and Pakistan lose a big investment opportunity. This decision will also put negative impact on Foreign Direct Investment.