Brig Asif Haroon Raja

Three pillars, Ideology, Allama Iqbal and Mr. Jinnah

Once the Mughal Empire started to show signs of weakness after the death of Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir, Marhattas became assertive and tried hard to decimate Muslims and convert India into a Hindu State. But for Ahmad Shah Abdali’s decisive clash against the Marhattas in the third battle of Panipat, they could have succeeded in their designs to cleanse India of presence of Muslims. Hindus took their sweet revenge from Muslims once the British captured power in India and they promptly became their natural allies to reduce Indian Muslims from masters to serfs. Throughout the British rule, Hindus adopted a highly discriminatory and hostile attitude towards the Muslims. Their real face was exposed during the two-year inglorious rule of Hindu Congress from 1937 to 1939 during which they tried to impose Hinduism and undermine Islam. Muslims were seen as impure aliens and put in fifth category of Panchamas, one step lower than Shudras. Bare minimum political and constitutional rights of Muslims were haughtily denied.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah who till then had believed in Hindu-Muslim unity and one India got disillusioned. He energized divided Muslim League and brought it on a single platform to fight for independent Muslim state. It was deep-seated revulsion and intolerance of Hindus against Muslims and Islam which forced Muslims of India to seek a separate nation. Pakistan movement led to peaking of revulsion against Hindus seen as tormentors of Muslims. Each step taken towards creation of Pakistan added to the anxieties and hatred of Hindus against Muslim who wanted to keep India under Hindus united and Muslims subservient to their wishes as second rated citizens. Imperialist Britain too wanted to keep India united and was averse to the idea of Pakistan. Both connived to put innumerable obstacles to reverse the tide but failed.

Left with no option, Indian Brahman and Sikh leaders gave in with a heavy heart but took their revenge on the migrating Muslims. Millions were massacred and women raped; tales are too horrifying to recount. Instead of helping the newly born Pakistan to tide over its teething problems since it was starting its journey from a scratch, India loaded it with plethora of problems to ensure its death in its infancy. Refusing to accept Pakistan’s existence, India indulged in never ending machinations to undo it. Junagadh and Hyderabad wanting to join up with Pakistan were snatched by force. Two-third Kashmir too was annexed by force, water flow in rivers irrigating lands in Punjab was stopped in 1948 and economic war was waged on Pakistan all in a bid to teach Pakistan a lesson as to why it opted to vivisect Mahabharata. Kashmir over which three wars have been fought became the main bone of contention since its loss has strategic and economic ramifications for Pakistan. Non-resolution of Kashmir dispute has resulted in growth of religious extremism and terrorism and has turned South Asia into a nuclear flash point.

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India introduced the concept of cross border terrorism in South Asia for the first time in 1971 when it provided all out support to Bengali rebels and instigated them to break the shackles of bondage by waging a civil war. They pretended to be their friends and projected West Pakistanis as their sworn enemies. They brainwashed them over a period of time that East Pakistan had been turned into West Pakistan colony and latter was prospering at the cost of former. They convinced them that their salvation lay in independence. So strong was the influence of Hindu teachers and professors and affluent Bengali Hindu minority over the Muslim Bengalis that they forgot that they had been reduced from lords to serfs by Hindu-British combine and had suffered the most at their hands.

Supported by former USSR directly and by USA, western world and Israel covertly, India succeeded in dismembering Pakistan into two and creating Bangladesh. Overjoyed by its success, Indira Gandhi chortled that 1000 years of humiliation had been vindicated. Indian leaders decided to make psychological operations coupled with covert operations as instruments to further their strategic objectives. However, India reaped what it sowed since several insurgencies and separatist movements triggered in various parts of India in addition to the ones raging since 1950s. Among the 16 insurgencies the most dangerous insurgency is the one spearheaded by Naxalites which influence 40% of Indian Territory and people. None of the insurgencies is in control of Indian forces. Yet Indian leaders have the audacity to say that it is victim of terrorism from Pakistan. It plays this theme to hide its acts of terrorism against Pakistan.

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India in league with its chief patron USA is once again resorting to its old tactics of weakening Pakistan from within through covert operations and cultural invasion and has succeeded in making deep inroads in various parts of Pakistan. Like in erstwhile East Pakistan, it has sowed seeds of separatism among Baloch rebels and nationalists and has pitched tribals of FATA against the Army who till recent were the assets of Pakistan. Both USA and India under the guise of friendship are hell bent to harm Pakistan. The liberal class has been won over and the youth is being misled to forget about religion and concept of Jihad, ideology of Pakistan and two-nation theory and to indulge in fun and frolic. The seculars are now indulging in meaningless discussions as to why Pakistan was created and speak the language of Indians on two-nation theory. They forcefully argue that the basis of Pakistan was not Islam or ideology but was created purely on economic considerations and that MA Jinnah wanted to establish a secular state. His 11 August 1947 speech is being overplayed out of context while tens of his addresses and statements in which he stressed upon golden principles of Islam and converting Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state are ignored. Here the last message of the Founding Father is quoted that should rest for ever all such controversies about the ideology of Pakistan.

Dr Col Elahi Baksh and Dr M Riaz went to Ziarat in Baluchistan where Mr Jinnah spent the last days of his life. When the

Ziarat Residency, The last days of Mr. Jinnah were spent here

met Mr. Jinnah, they found him very weak and frail who hardly had any strength to speak. Knowing his final stage, the two Doctors encouraged him to speak so that he may feel light. Then Mr. Jinnah said, “When I think that Pakistan has come into being, it gives immense satisfaction to my soul. This was a colossal effort, I could not have accomplished it alone. The prayers and blessings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were with me. Now its upon this nation to follow the path of Khulfae Rashideen, so that Allah fulfills his promise and grant us the kingdom on the earth.” After reading this, the secularists should stop raising controversies over Mr. Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan.

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Here I would like to add that Pakistan stands on three pillars, Ideology, Philosophy of Allama Iqbal and Personality of Mr. M A Jinnah. These can never be compromised, a building on three pillars is a very critical one. If one pillar goes weak the whole building comes down.

Secularists, pro-Indian elements, quislings and poor leaders have helped adversaries of Pakistan in creating cleavages between communities, accentuating secular-Islamic divide, portraying Islamists as unwanted non-state actors, exacerbating ethnic and sectarian tensions, polarizing political class, instigating smaller provinces to hate Punjab and Army and to demand maximum provincial autonomy bordering separation on the model of East Pakistan, secularizing education and promoting vulgarity and obscenity under the concept of modernism. Misgivings and sense of disillusionment has been bred through skillful propaganda war. Love for materialism at the cost of religion has been promoted to marginalize morality, human values and pristine principles as taught by Holy Quran. Senses of our corrupt, inept and morally bankrupt leaders have been successfully lulled and they continue to rely on so-called friends despite knowing that they are repeatedly stabbing Pakistan in the back. Alas! Pakistan which had been created with so much of pains, labor and sacrifices by the ones who participated in Pakistan movement led by Quaid-e-Azam and the first generation who built Pakistan is being systematically ruined.

A desperate battle between virtue and evil is raging but I am very hopeful that evil forces will perish and final victory will be that of the virtuous. With God’s grace Pakistan is being zealously guarded by Pakistan armed forces, judiciary, lawyers community, civil society and a segment within media. Despite ill-effects of vile propaganda, the youth is getting more conscious. They have started to discern real faces of enemies within and outside and are eager to takeover the baton from the depraved pigmies ruling the roost. Millions of God fearing righteous people are praying five times for the safety and well being of Pakistan while philanthropists dole out charity to the needy liberally. Their entreaties will not go unanswered and Pakistan will stay irrespective of the devilish designs of its adversaries.