“The welfare of America is in the political dispute between three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.” Henry Kissinger

By Raja G Mujtaba

(S M Hali conducted a TV debate on the subject, in which besides the US Ambassador, Dr Simbal Khan also participated. The video is embedded below for the readers to watch.)

When the US political clout and the administration take every word of Henry Kissinger as a word from Bible then the relations between Pakistan and the United States can never improve. The above statement of his is enough to send strong signals to the countries concerned in particular and other Muslim countries in the region in general.

Cameron Munter, the US Ambassador is not a policy maker; he is not even an executioner but only a spokesperson of the US government. He maybe a well-wisher of Pakistan but he cannot go against the Kissinger doctrine that is the official US policy. This is one reason that when one examines the constituent human resource in the American administration and more so in the White House and the State Office are all Israeli/Zionist sympathizers. Every American president since the assassination of J F Kennedy has turned more pro-Israel. 9/11 was the turning point where the Zionist Israel and the biggest Zionist supporter, the US came out in the open with their nefarious designs. In doing so, all the moves were made through the UN and the Security Council where a new doctrine of ‘Preemptive Strike’ was approved that gave license to the powerful to attack the weaker nations at will. Thus after, 9/11, the US in collaboration of her European allies and the NATO forces went on a wild spree to attack any Muslim country. According to General Wesley Clark, the US was to attack 7 countries in 5 years and that it has done.

The US has always coined new terminologies and phrases, like regime change, collateral damage, non-state actors, trust deficit and so on. Each phrase is defined to her own advantage. When a government in the target country is not compliant to the US backed Zionist forces, then the Zionist owned and controlled media comes into play and blow all sorts of stories to change the public perception against a certain regime, thereafter a resolution is obtained from the SC to legalize their brutalities to oust the non-compliant regime. If the brutal ruler remains compliant to the Zionist power then all praises are showered on him and his every act of brutality is declared as the internal matter of the country, Iraq is a living example. Here through global sanctions, over half million children were killed for want of food and medicines to that Madeline Albright another Zionist stalwart and a former Secretary of State said that it was a price worth it.


Why were the Taliban removed from power? Only because they refused to sign contract with Oncol, an American company to lay pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India through Afghanistan. They refused because against the price of 4 billion US dollars, they got a bid from Argentina for 2.5 billion. Now the Taliban who had been declared as the equalants of the American founding fathers by regime, came into play; 9/11 took place, media blasted the world and painted every wall around the world with ‘America is under attack.’ No logic worked, only threats were dished out, Pakistan was the first and perhaps the only country to receive a threat, ‘either you are with us or you are our enemy.’ All the associations and the role that Pakistan played since 1948 had been buried deep as if these never existed.

I am sure Mr. Munter would not be forgetful of the U2 incident of 1959 when Garry Powers took off from a base near Peshawar and was shot down over Soviet Union whereby Nikita Khrushchev placed a ‘Red Ring’ around Peshawar and vowed to take it out. He would be doing well if he also remembers that Pakistan has been in alliance with the US through CENTO and SEATO to form a ring around the communist regimes.

Mr. Munter would also know that despite the 1959 secret treaty between the US and Pakistan, the US never came to aid Pakistan against naked Indian aggressions; 1971 saw the dismemberment of Pakistan to which the US had also consented. Henry Kissinger, your political pundit and then your Secretary of State in his memoirs stated that the breakup of Pakistan was in the American interest as he is saying now that “The welfare of America is in the political dispute between three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.” Even a blind man in Pakistan can see that this doctrine is not only being applied but with arrogance and stubbornness.

  Pakistan and the Economic Block

If the US considers herself to be the friend of Pakistan, then why is she opposing Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline? This is the most economical and the nearest source to Pakistan; why Pakistan be pressurized to abandon the project?

  • Is it not a fact, that Therike Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is CIA sponsored that is actively attacking and destroying Pakistan?
  • Why is the US supporting insurgencies in Balochistan directly and through third countries like India and Israel?
  • Is it not a fact that the US was having a free run and treating Pakistan as a non-entity and running all over Pakistan through their CIA/FBI operatives, never willing to respect the sovereignty of Pakistan?
  • Why Raymond Davis who had killed 2 Pakistanis directly and indirectly responsible for 2 more lives including the young widow of one of the Raymond’s victims was not allowed to face the law?
  • Were not the Mehran base attackers supported and managed by the US agencies?
  • Why was May 2 operation carried out without the permission of the Pakistan government/army?
  • Why was Salala post attacked where 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed and to date the US is not willing to apologize?
  • Why the drone attacks are going on non-stop, don’t those kill people and in countless numbers?
  • Why is the US building a fortress within her embassy compound to host Marines?
  • Why were the gays hosted in the US embassy, is that a diplomatic function?

There are host of other questions that can be raised to which I am sure the Ambassador would have no acceptable answer but he may only take cover behind some diplomatic jargons or some immunity of the sort.

  Zionism: You must not tell the truth!

Now it is the US that needs Pakistan more than anything else; the closure of the NATO supplies has hurt the US real bad. Their war budget has gone into a nose dive. A video of the BBC report on the subject is embedded for the readers.

Also, a Hollywood movie, “The Last Resort” is soon to be seen that has some very strong message for Pakistan in particular and other Muslim countries in the region in general. Here through USS Colorado, the most powerful and lethal nuclear submarine Pakistan would be attacked. Such movies are not without a motive. Again a clipping of its trailer is embedded for all to watch.

The other day, I was sitting with some naval officers telling them that Pakistan Navy has to embrace for far bigger challenges than it could ever think of. Pakistan would be attacked by two navies if not three. The two being, the US and India, with which it is carrying out regular exercises for the past sometime. Third could be Israeli navy that is also flexing its muscles in the region.

With all this going on how does the American Ambassador see reduction in ‘Trust Deficit’? He must be having some magic wand. America must give up her arrogance and learn to respect nations irrespective of their size, power, creed, culture, religion and political thinking. The US must work for her own interests and not of Israel and India at the cost of her bilateral relations in the region and more so with Pakistan.