By Barrister Mansur Sarwar Khan.

The army and judiciary need to remove the irritants which have clouded the once strategic relationship between the two institutions; which kept the ship of the state afloat despite many diehard challenges, political demagoguery involved in rampant corruption and bureaucratic betrayal of state structure.

The two institutions need to have a deep, meaningful and well balanced look into the anarchy let loose by the political actors of PPP, PML-N, MQM and ANP let them hold back their ego hubris aside; take a deep fresh   breath and the 2 institutions look into the future and develop policies in accordance with the changing designs of solo super power, regional power, the fast collapsing state structure and societal edifice of Pakistan drawing deep into the morass of ancient ignorance and anarchy. It’s about time to move wisely, fast enough to keep pace with bloodshed in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan and Keep an eye over events tailor made to be unleashed upon Pakistan. We as a nation have become accustomed to complacency, blame game, tolerance of corruption, high-handedness, fear and denial. Suffering from these grave maladies, we have become a nation of living dead, where public servants serve the rulers and not the state or its people. The leaders are a total disaster and wait for events to happen, instead of looking ahead, visualizing them, anticipating them and taking pre-emptive steps to scale down their effects. Our leaders have always maximized the disasters. The very sad complexion that emerges as a result of this veritable massacre; is that the people in streets are questioning about the very effectiveness of democracy as a form of government. How unfortunate that the Arab spring brings people to stand up for their rights to self-determination and Pakistan a country born from the womb of a ballet box walks into the death trap of denial of democracy.

  US: On The Claim of Exceptionalism

The industrious, humane, hospitable people of this great country have been the victims of dictatorships, sham democrats, a superficial development directed not by their needs, values, requirements and aspirations of their communities; but by the interests of a small mafia of the permanent ruling elite of Pakistan, comprising of corrupt bureaucrats, politicians, generals, bribing contactors and unethical profiteers posing as businessmen. A bad, mad and dangerous situation shapes up within Pakistan and over its geographical borders, whatever the case; it’s naïve and simplistic to wait for Allah alone in a belief that a miracle will happen, miracles never happen they are made to happen; through the tireless hard work of societies led by men of character, integrity and vision; who have faith in Allah, character and courage to lead their people through the red sea. There is no magic formula or wand as some expect; we have to stand up and lead ourselves selflessly like the followers of Anna Hazare or the black coats in theJudges movement. What we need is a change in the mindset, our national psyche and culture that has come to accept, approve, perpetuate corruption and corrupt in every sphere of public and private life, what Pakistan badly needs is a moral leadership. The old guard of political leadership has failed to offer Pakistan its rightful place in the community of nations and the people of Pakistan; three decent meals and a secure environment with a life lived on their hopes and not lived on their fears.

What kinds of leadership are we discussing that have broken the backbone of the state over a period of 64 years? A state that surpasses the state of California in terms of sources, resources and wealth has been converted into a basket case by Nawaz-Zardari politics and policies.

  Iran Stands Firm!

In 1801, the growth rate of this part of Hindustan was 25% whereas the growth rate of USA was only 24%, at the peak of its power, now Americans only loot and plunder to make it up and maintain their living standards.

Instead of talking the talk and walking the walk; Nawaz a past master in non-issues and fighting has reneged his patriotic antecedents. Here he goes again on the two nation theory; the basis of our nation hood and the rational of partition of Hindustan. Nawaz is playing a great game to win power. He tries to please Americas by maligning the army by using pentagon terminology and further acquicise to American desire to accept Indian Hegemony by calling off the creation of Pakistan through a strategy of indirect approach like Abdul Kalam Azad. Pakistan is in a state of war, The Supreme court and Pakistani army must not forget 21st century war, liberal style, you do not fix an objective and use main force to get it. You nonce words, bomb a little, drone it off and on, scare, twist, spin and make it up as you go along. Seemingly desperate to scratch another Muslim itch. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya were Muslim dictatorships. Pakistan is a different ball game and it needs to be brutalized in a totally different manner altogether , the heat is on, only a temporary balance of advantage can be awarded to one side; but America will never let go because when man and animal have split each other’s blood they become die hard monsters. Only the Army, Supreme Court and unity of Pakistani People led by Imran Khan Type of a man of character, integrity and prescience can secure the country from collapse and Balkanization by USA.  MR CHIEF JUSTICE AND MR ASHFAQ PERVAIZ KIANI the Pakistani people; god, history and the widows and orphans wait for your answer. Fear not to act but do not prolong action out of fear. THE NATION STANDS BY YOU AND HISTORY WAITS FOR YOU AS HISTORY SHALL ONLY REMMEMBER YOU BY THE DEEDS YOU MAKE AND NOT BY THE DEEDS YOU PROMISE…