By Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui

Right from our childhood we are always told by our teachers and elders to mend our ways and mind our tongue. Any working professional knows very well that most of the time your mouth can cost your job. Similarly every politician or an aspiring leader of any stature and caliber should know very well that your mouth can even cost your life. More or less same went so unfortunately for our late Mr. Governor who wrongly or rightly faced the cost of his life apparently because of his big mouth and loose talk.  In the name of freedom of expression especially these days in luxury  lounges and social net clubs of our so called  civil society  so much so has been made to condemn  growing trend of intolerance about religious faiths and beliefs.  

Every now and than our pseudo intellectuals and their rented change agents from so called educated, moderate and enlightened class beat up their drums and blow on their trumpets that our society is suffering with chronic viral infectious disease of intolerance. But those who blow their pipes of westernized moderation and enlightenment mainly  in their perseverance to convert our society into a barrier free and open society unfortunately do not realize or intentionally  ignore  the fact that realities of life and livelihood differ from ground to ground. They forget or intentionally ignore a simple fact that western understanding of the world is based on scientific reasoning rather than on philosophical and ideological aspirations mainly linked to emotions and sentiments. Social, political and economic principles of life in west are based on scientific, materialistic and methodical calculations rather than on social values of religious and ideological beliefs and attributes.   These highly educated but somewhat mentally confused elite think this way mainly because there education and mental brought up is predominantly westernized. Thereafter their Fulbright scholarships educational qualifications they actually do not want to consider themselves as part of their own society.

On the other side by virtue of their lust of illicit wealth and power, law of land is generally kept as a keep in illicit hands of these extra ordinaries of our society. Under their influence ordinaries, commoners and downtrodden of this country are simply made to be crushed by law. When commoners and ordinaries of society are crushed by law they give up all hopes from laws of state but do keep themselves intact inevitably with the power of their own muscles. When laws are made  their enemies they  obviously turn as enemies to law. All those who have much to hope but nothing to loose will always be dangerous more or less especially when  their life becomes poorer and the world duller. Whereas the elite in their own fashion keep on  blowing their trumpets for lack of tolerance in society so criminally ignoring the effect and after effect of provocative slurs they utter out of their own mouths and tongues.

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Bashing about personal and factional faiths and religious beliefs of dominating quantum of society they criminally ignore about causes and effects of their own provocative nauseating slurs and insulting derogatory snarls they pass and aver berate every now and than about religious faiths and beliefs of others. These so calling themselves so moderate and enlightened   altogether portray and propagate an alarming attitude that so unfortunately cause a trigger  effect of reactionary extremism, radicalism and retaliating intolerance at the lowest ebb of  society that they actually do not own.

Experts of verbal and non verbal communication science always say that  in defense of your personal opinion do not get opinionated to the extent of  threaten and insult to those who disagree because it can make them equally defensive and threatening resultantly brewing  your communication into a conflict. Religion ever since is a reality of life and religious faiths and beliefs are a super reality of religious rights same as any other basic human right. Non-believers and so calling themselves liberal stalwarts of today must now realize to acknowledge the fact that entering into a course of collision  through insults and derogatory remarks and slurs is no less than initiating a war ambush and sabotage. Liberal extremism vs. religious extremism therefore can be equally pronounced   as a course of war between Big Mouths with Long Tongues loaded with derogatory insulting remarks and slurs encountering those radicalized guns loaded with bombs, bullets and suicidal acts.

Basic problem confronting today especially in countries like of ours which is thriving with foreign interventions, intruders and tress passers are not the absence of democracy and intolerance. The basic problem and dilemma is  the absence and sheer lack of competence and governance especially of those who somehow and someway or the other are made and managed  to sit at helm of our affairs and at levers of powers and prerogatives to adversely affect the life and livelihood of our people socially, economically, politically and also religiously. These rented puppets so called so known as President, PM, Ministers, Governors, MPs and whatnots are supposed to be highly incompetent and corrupt not only by their qualification and credentials but also by choice. Main tool given in their hands by their sponsors to rule on their people   is the exploitation of poverty slums and religious factions rather than abiding with rule of law and  constitution of land.

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In the name of freedom of expression to suite their own hidden intents and interests many modern scholars and change agents of today maximize, aggravate and highlight  basic differences of religious beliefs in order to brew  them all  into conflicts between liberals and radicals. Let me make here few more comments on this conflict between two extremes of liberals and radicals especially in our perspectives.

A: Our so called highly educated and privileged lot generally those classify themselves  as moderate enlightened are actually considering themselves all sitting atop Mount Everest of intellect viewing down below all others  as dwarfs peddling and paddling in slums and dark caves of ignorance.

B: The integrity and vitality of our so called educated class in our highly vulnerable society normally do not work to resolve but they merely work for their own life styles. They basically view every aspect under perspectives of their foreign branded full bright scholarships attained knowledge and skills that hardly makes them understand to know where they actually stand.

C: Unfortunately our egoistic and so proudly elite lots normally in disconnect remains at a distant from the urgencies of the respond to crucial demand of crucial moments of country and society. Instead they jut keep sitting on their own tails wearing branded dinner suits and fancy neckties holding crystal goblets sitting in their cozy lounges, sunshine lawns on silver screens every evening they merely curse and brag “look where our country and society is heading towards”? But numbers of disastrous moments in recent past have proved that our educated elite have miserably failed to respond responsibly.

High time all these real moderates and enlightened people who matter some way or the other  in our country and society now need to face up to the reality that denial and prolonged denial is not the solution of ills. Non serious and casual approach  towards critical issues  of society is a form of denial. Our so called  educated minds must not be formed to hate, degrade and  deny differences of our society rather than to address them with prudence and coherence . Only to satisfy the demands and trends of our  own  fashion all those  things and elements that we  condemn and disown through all available means of propagation is not a real service to our country and society. Delay in recognition and acknowledgement of such realities is too a deadliest form of denial. Who so ever like it or not but the reality of today especially in our country is  that Islam and Islamic principles and beliefs irrespective of differences in factions  are the integral part of our likelihood and livelihood in all walks of life.

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Another glaring reality is that Mullah Mosque and Muddrissah are now and ever since a major segment of our society. For our own vested interests and for pursuance of foreign sponsors of our illicit wealth and power every now and than we so scornfully bash and insult Mullah and Mudrissahas. This attitude an approach simply means playing in hands of others and intensifying the divide in our own society. Every now and than we try to prove our religious elements and factions  as a bone of contention  portraying them as an unacceptable useless segment of society mainly because of our taboos that they do not speak English and they do not wear shorts but they do pull up their shalwaars to show their ankles. But our modern stalwarts for their own mauj maila mustee seduction do always highly praise their enlightened women wearing high ended caprice to show their naked limps right up to their belly buttons and bottoms. Mullahas are not likable and acceptable specie in our modern society also because of the reason that instead of toothbrush and toothpaste they prefer to use Miswaak. There is of course no mix and match between those armed terrorists hawks living up in dens and hideouts and these poor orphans and abandoned children by their parents who for their survival are residing in Mosques and muddaaris for their food clothing and shelter.

High time all sanity must focus to acknowledge this denied fact of  time that Mosque and Mudrissah as shelters of orphans and abandoned  are not only the source of  bread and butter, clothing and shelter for their residents but is also their only source of self identity and self esteem.

Therefore to approve them for their basic human  right of  self respect, their sense of belonging and self esteem this segment is now highly needed to be brought into mainstream of society through a respectable economic and social system and program of induction.