Jawad Raza Khan

Kurt Cobain a famous musician and a writer quotes “A friend is nothing but a known enemy”. Indeed the quotation has explicitly defined the jungle rule of the world in a polite way. Going through history of Pakistan, makes it even simpler to understand what Cobain wanted to convey.

Strategic encirclement of Pakistan, with continued blows on center of gravity has threatened it economically, politically and most dangerously “ideologically”. Religious fragmentation of Pakistan is not at all a complex issue comparing to so many other emerging or existing powers, for instance India, then why Pakistan is declared by so called friends as hot spot for religious killings. We need to revisit our roots for developing an appropriate response and in our case it is our ideology.

The Islamic ideology which has been the source of strength for Pakistan is swiftly distorted into one of its limitations. Terms like Islamists, fundamentalists and extremists used by the westerners were not only misunderstood in their latent perspective by our intellectuals, but have been countering them by using terms like enlightened moderation and progressive Islam, and this has been one of the biggest cause of our ideological disorder.  This pseudo discernment of Islamic ideology of some anti state elements has heavily pounded the young minds of Pakistan, who are in a state of genuine perplexity, and are in search of the very reason of creation of their homeland. Message of Iqbal with regard to Millat e Islamia and Mard e Momin laid very foundation of existing Pakistan; which is now seen as literate extremism, (thanks to modern intellectuals of Pakistan). This conceptual drift can easily be termed as National mystification of our young generation and my dear countrymen this is a serious blow on our sacred ideology or in other words our existence. Galvanizing the nation on the ideological fabric was the daunting task which the enemy did with pace and precision. Now simpler actions were required to be done to further damage the State of Pakistan. Ideological abolition with defamed and untrue version of Islam made our society prone to so many other evils, as a matter of fact, the first blow instigated a trigger action which led to sectarianism and anti national sentiments.


With this wedge created in the masses, now it’s our turn to go for an all out attack against any sentiment which can induce or built an anti nationalistic society. The job in hand for the nation is undoubtedly a difficult preposition, especially when cultural invasion through massive propaganda on electronic media with a thought out and well conceived plan is in place since long. Resultantly, Pakistan film industry saw its dooms day. Visit to cinema now gives a feel that we are in Dehli or Mumbai, at least not in Pakistan. Chocolate heroes have diminished behind “My Name is Khan”. Pop ideals have changed from Alamgir to Sonu Nigam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan now sits in India in a show like Chotey Ustad. Institutions like Army and ISI are under continuous pressure, sometimes courtesy own media and if not appropriately done Wiki Leaks are there for their rescue. Cricket stricken nation is starving, to see cricket at home, and last but not least Mr Haroon Logart an Indian descent ICC executive involving top cricketers of Pakistan in spot fixing scandal through another worthwhile English media intervention.

All said and done, the question arises will Pakistan be able to withstand this pressure! Do we have the capability to rise from ashes? The only ray of hope is the intense resolve of this nation. World has seen it many a times, may it be 1965, the horrible memories of East Pakistan, or devastation of earth quake 2005. We always came out of any demanding situation with head high. We are not only champions of hockey and cricket, or Cambrian patrol competition , but in addition to all above we also have a Tennis star like Aisam ul Haq who apart of his tennis skills has the vision and expression to represent Pakistan at any forum. The final   punch line is “We cannot be defeated “but for this we need to put our nationalism first, leadership will pop up and lead us to our destiny. We have to make our young generation understand the factual outlook of our Islamic ideology which is the origin of our creation.

  Masters and Slaves