How to tackle the wave of terrorism on war footing within Pakistan !

 By Sethi Mushtaq

Since 9/11, incident and the US attack in its aftermath on Afghanistan to chase down Osama bin laden, the prime accused  chief of Al-Qaeda network…Pakistan became the main target of the terrorists to bear the brunt within region.

The bad news for Pakistan came when the foreign funded and fully armed insurgency under the name of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) surfaced in its Northern areas of Swat and FATA (now Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa Province ) and spread terror amongst the locals,attempting to forcefully implement their own brand of Islamic Shariah. Here one cannot forget the killing of Hazaras in Quetta who have been subjected to repeated attacks where the suffered heavy casualties and now the Abbas Town in Karachi.

However, it wasn’t for very long that they could breath easily there too, because soon the valiant Pakistani Armed forces launched operation Nijaat, to completely eliminate them from the soil of Pakistan.Unfortunately such actions against evil never are without some repercussions and sadly for the Pakistani citizens it turned into a nightmare of string of terrorist suicidal blasts and armed terror attacks, in nearly most of its northern Pakistan’s main cities like Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore etc.

The terror still abates in the form of a last cowardly resort within the cities and upon the innocent citizens by the militants stooges holed up there. Believing this would browbeat and shake the moral of the people and seek of the army to stop their operation. However these cowardly criminal terrorist little know that the courageous citizens of this motherland will under no circumstances get frightened or loose heart. They know for sure that one fine day soon these criminals shall be forever erased from our Pakistani soil by their brave soldiers by whom they all proudly standby and support and salute.

However, the need of the hour does still remains that quick time emergency preventive actions be devised on how to effectively deal with the threat that we are facing in the cities in the form of suicide bomb blasts and terrorism related raids in physical attacks form on educational institutions and sensitive installations. I personally feel that to control this threat immediately the government needs to make the terrorist” ineffective” and then go about how to them apprehend them,” physically”. Bare handed terrorists are like a toothless and claw trimmed tiger. I am sure you shall agree!

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To explain what I mean by making them “ineffective” is that their sources of arms and ammunition needs to be plugged tightly to deprive them of such materials which are instrumental in causing death and destruction in large areas causing causalities in huge numbers. Funding of cash isn’t that important as is starving them of this equipment and material they easily get to lay hands on,to make bombs and mind you the vehicles in which they easily reach their targeted destinations. It is obvious they buy and obtain such material either from the local market or from some external source that is apart from the vehicles they use. The, RDX used in the making of bombs isn’t some thing which one can purchase over the counter, like buying an aspirin for a common headache? From what I understand locally its permitted sale is to licensed and registered organization engaged mainly in the mining or the construction projects such as of roads to cut mountains through explosives. Besides RDS there are many other components which are used in the making of a bombs planted or fitted in suicide Jackets. The latter type of bombing (Suicide) has been seen as the most effective threat from the terrorist and most difficult or safe to say uncontrolled by the law enforcement and security agencies till date.

The first effective measure for how to go about starving them would be to identify the external routes from where these materials and equipments possibly flow in and reach their hands and then tightly plug them. To achieve this border security at the Afghanistan and Indian borders has to become very vigilant and check posts should ensure through checking of all vehicles bringing in goods from across the borders. Simultaneously, internally the inter-city and inter provincial routes should also have fixed and mobile checking squads. It is not only the land route that needs to be watched but the coastal areas,as well.. The Navy and the coast guards should keep a vigil on the fishing boats as it is quite possible that this could be the most vulnerable one through which the arms and the explosives can be smuggled in large quantities. For the curtailment of explosive materials being obtained from internal sources, falling into their hands thorough investigation by means of checking the records of those organization and contractor to whom these RDS material was sold legally its present stock and the amount used by them on the project should be made accountable and verified. Car snatching and lifting should be taken seriously for it is this means by way of which these terrorist obtain transportation for themselves for reaching their destination and for monitoring the targets for planning an attack .At the first report of a stolen vehicle by the victim the police should act seriously to recover the vehicle. Which unfortunately till now has never been given much importance.

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If analyzed closely ,in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake the terrorist bombing attacks intensified in frequency. In my personal opinion the increase was possibly due to the numerous foreign NGO’s and many of those local, funded by them could have managed getting an excuse to bring in unchecked goods.Which could have also contained some meant for the terrorist.The same pattern  if observed followed the Floods which deluged Pakistan, recently. I believe these disasters were possibly not entirely natural calamity’s but the possibly man made as well.Created for three reasons.1) To cause  economical devastation and chaos for the reasons of raising an anarchical situation.2) The chaos caused by them turns into a pretext to gain free and unhindered access into the country in any numbers. 3)Smuggle in arms and ammunition . In view of the aforesaid, I suggest that the NGO’S activities and the good should be closely monitored.

Last but not least the local security companies having affiliation with foreign principles needs very strict and careful monitoring.The case pertaining to the local security company Inter-Risk based in Islamabad and having affiliations with a infamous Private Military Contractors (PMC) called the Dyno corp,US is a glaring example of how prohibited weapons were being imported into Pakistan for usage unknown.

A media campaign should be launched to educate the ordinary public on how they can be helpful in identifying the suspicious elements with their areas. And the authorities should announce special numbers for the public to inform on.

As regards to the bigger group like TTP our brave Pakistan army’s soldiers have taken care of them in the Swat operation and Inshallah, very soon would eliminate the rest of the poisonous vipers during the ongoing operation being carried out in the various areas of the Tribal belt,close to the Pak-Afghan border…

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Anyways the core of the matter in the article is that instead of pursuing the terrorist priority should be given to stop the arms from reaching their hands.In a nutshell my own coined quote is : Clip the wings of a bird it would not.. Fly.

Dry out the source of weapons to the terrorist it would not …. Terrify”.

Pakistan Zindabad and Pakistan Army Zindabad.