One nation, one country, one stock exchange ‘ Pakistan Stock Exchange ‘. On 28th December 2015, Karachi stock exchange, Islamabad stock Exchange & Lahore Stock exchange is going to merge and forming Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Symbol: PSX

Number of Listed Companies: 550

Number of Brokers: 400+

Number of Account Holders: Around 2,20,000

Managing Director: Nadeem Naqvi


Pakistan Stock Exchange PSX - Logo

MD PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange

This event is conducted by PSX sponsored by AKD Securities at Tulip, Islamabad.Nadeem Naqvi , MD at PSX brilliantly explained facts and figures about Pakistan Stock Exchange and how it will add value into the better of society.

Exclusive VIDEO for Investors – Pakistan Stock Exchange, MUST WATCH this interesting press conference held on Friday, 11th December at KSE’s trading floor. After watching this VIDEO, you will understand all about PSE corporatization & demutualization, integration, benefits, vision, investor base, technical, future plans, expansion etc… Need your feedback via comments. Thanks