No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

By M A Mughal

“Pakistan is going to disintegrate”, “Corruption is from top to bottom”, “Each and every person is corrupt in our society”, “Islam and Pakistan are in danger”, “Let’s settle down abroad, nothing is going to change here”………………. these are some of the opinions by the majority of Pakistanis and are frequently being echoed in drawing room talks. It appears that we as a nation strongly believe in hearsay and deliberately disregard the facts.

The alarming thing is, even the intelligentsia is towing the same line. By having such credence’s, we are surely not doing any service to the nation but in fact endorsing the propaganda, being launched by the enemies of Pakistan. No doubt it is becoming an uneasy situation, especially for the youth. They are losing hope in the State and its leadership; feel the system is plagued and irreversible. This anguish leads to brain drain which is another dilemma faced by our country. The media, whose role has always been to educate and build public opinion, also, seems to be divided on this issue and appears to be unaware of its role in nation building. These factors, when combined together, further make the state of affairs complex and threaten the future of Pakistan.

The propaganda being unleashed onto us by our enemy has already started to pay its dividends, convincing the entire nation that they are inferior and can’t change their destiny. That reminds me of a famous quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt-No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.The repeated rhetoric of terming Pakistan as a failed state, by the West, is also promoting passivism in our society and leads the youth to despair and frustration. As a consequence, the society becomes idle; common people deem they are irrelevant and cease to contribute in nation building. Another myth being promoted now days is attributing every controversy, accident and even natural calamities happening in Pakistan to “Conspiracy Theory”. Majority in Pakistan believe in these fallacies and the notion is gaining popularity at a fast pace, thanks to media as well in playing up these issues. From betting allegations on our cricketers to Mumbai attacks, from Air blue crash in Margallas to murder of Governor Salman Taseer, every issue in Pakistan has some conspiracy theory in the background. As said by Raja G Mujtaba, the media needs to be checked and controlled to play a positive role and not acting against state.

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Before recommending solutions, let’s statistically examine the opinions mentioned in the intro. Practically speaking each and every person in a society cannot be corrupt. If so, fibre of the society will shatter in no time and the State will collapse immediately.  Every disaster in our country puts Islam and Pakistan in danger. We as a nation have to understand that Pakistan and Islam are larger than life and will remain till the very end…..inshallah. Probably, the time has come that every segment of society has to recognize its role and start feeling its responsibility. Intelligentsia, media, thinks tanks, leaders, youth, religious scholars, all have to make earnest efforts to promote positivity and tolerance among the nation. They have to make the masses believe that everything is not lost and we can regain the lost glory by making conscience efforts.  

We can learn from the hypothetical Greek phenomena of Phoenix. The Phoenix is a mythological bird in Greek folklore, said to burst into flames when it died. It would then rise from its' own ashes with new life. To rise from the ashes of the phoenix, means to make a miraculous comeback. We have to believe that phoenix for Pakistan would rise soon and we will make an astounding comeback. For achieving prosperity, the media have to understand its role and take active part in promoting positivity in the society. It has to develop themes and formulate strategy to motivate the masses and build a positive public opinion for becoming a strong nation state.

The time has come for our leadership to act and deliver, good governance should be our national hallmark the fruits of which should reach the poor instead of making tall claims. Probably, this is the last chance for them and the people at the helm of affairs to act and act fast, before it’s too late. The nation, especially the youth, has to remain focussed and to weigh the events happening in the country, in more statistical manner. They have to sieve the facts out of the propaganda, abandon conspiracy theory approach and make decisions based on merit. Curb and discourage the bandwagon approach, which has plagued our society for ages, and be creative whatever profession they wish to choose. Spread the word of mouth that things are going to improve and only we can fix these problems.

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There is no doubt that problems are copious in our society and their nature is complex too. Today, we are divided into religious sects and ethnic groups. We feel proud to be termed as Pashtoons, Sindhis, Punjabis, Saraikis, Baluchis etc and ashamed to be called as Pakistanis.  We are a country with abundant resources, diverse cultures, significant geo-strategic location, and enormous talent; these strengths coalesced with national resolve and faith in Allah will help us in emerging as the greatest country of the modern times. It’s my firm conviction that out of the ashes of shambles, a phoenix of recovery will rise for Pakistan, very soon inshallah.

M. A. Mughal is writer who writes with conviction of his faith, he is emotionally very much involved with the day to day happenings in Pakistan but with optimism. He is a link between the youth and the old transferring the experiences to the youth.