By Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui

Few days ago on our leading TV channel there was yet another useless tasteless good for nothing kind of talk show. This time they talked about Qaumi Taraana (National Anthum) of Pakistan. The question was whether our present Qaumi Tarana “Pak Sur-Zameen Shad Baad” that has been authored by Abul-Hafiz Jalandhri is better than the one that was written on request of Quaid e Azam before our independence by a Hindu poet named Juggan Nath Azad?  Now after almost 65 yrs of our independence as a Pakistani viewer of that show I could not absorb and understand the dire need and necessity of this kind of unasked for and uncalled for debate. Especially on the subject as such which is already settled and established  once for all and is ever since  taken as a bondage for our national honor, pride, cohesion and unity. It is quite unacceptable to me that these kind of programs are channelized merely out of one time novel idea crops up in the mind of any one program producer of Television.

The world which we live in today is under such mind control tests and exercises where a certain herd of influential people in world, we generally call them the ‘Elite Capitalists Groups’. These groups are monitoring our behavioral patterns and applying trend analysis with their hidden & obvious objective to direct and drive all our efforts and energies towards their own diversified vested interests, benefits & advantages. This Market has hype for today’s so called local and cross border intellectuals who are being rented by these Capitalist groups as their Change Agents.  These change agents are deployed to launch special propagation expeditions to induce our life styles and intrude into our family rooms in order to upset not only our social fiber but also create a general sense of disbelief and ambiguities especially in minds of our youth. ” For the purpose they depute rented force  on our social  fronts to control minds of people through a double edged weapon which has been now termed as “Infotainment” as a blend of  Information and Entertainment.  These agents in the name of infotainment regularly but strategically attack popular beliefs, established customs, religious fundamentals, social norms, political ideologies and historical, cultural and educational heritage of our society. Turning un-important non serious and settled issues into burning issues through variants of good for nothing talk shows,  their primary  aim is to create general unrest, confusion and doubts in the minds of common people and give maximum benefit of doubts. These change agents apparently propagate that freedom of speech and expression helps to bridge the gaps and harmonize the factions. But through opening unnecessary use-less debates on topics of their own sensations and leaving so many questions un-answered their hidden motive is to create polarization, widen the gaps and brew the conflicts among various schools of thoughts in our society. To devalue the self pride of our social, cultural and religious inheritance and belonging they intrude our living rooms with irresistible fascinating ideas of seduction and consumerism.

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They are continuously doing so by manipulating and exploiting human desires wants, expectations and thoughts to take maximum advantage of human weakness in curiosity and myth of change.   By bringing up non-issues at upfront to convert them into burning-issues they are making us simply confused and diverted from those really so genuine issues of economic and social imbalance and injustice. For their objectives they keep  us into continued fear of loss that in case we don’t comply to their given options and requirements, we’ll lose everything like our jobs, wealth, status, home, lives etc etc.. This fear mechanism is forcing us to submit to their economic authority. This manipulation mechanism and technique of controlling human mind   makes the job of these change agents much easier. To execute their control mechanism the real masters of these change agents did conceive that idea of NEW WRLD ORDER. It is evident to this day that New World Order is nothing but much more than a conspiracy to strengthen the capacity of Big Fish to easily  eat up the small fish and to enhance maximum control of Stronger States on economically, politically and socially Weaker states.  “He who has the Gold makes the rules” is the basic myth of this new world order. This world order primarily functions on an organized mechanism of controls and manipulations that has been enforced under an attractive gift wrapper of Globalization through power of science and technology. This package of Globalization consistent to  their own motives and laid down rules and standards in areas of mass media communication, e-commerce, industrialization, financial management, politics, religion, and culture of all weaker  states.

Now that we are very pleased and highly comfortable to live within their Global Village where we can travel across the world in less than 60 hours, enjoy 500 different channels, and while sitting at our` places at our finger tips we can share all kinds of information, news and ideas about all walks of life, through variety of webs and blogs. We are living inside a fancy colorful balloon full of all kinds of materialistic advantages that we can hardly resist. But within this balloon we have yet failed to realize that we are addicted slaves to all these comforts which are in no way permanent. We are in this balloon like working slaves and prisoners paying interests of our money and values every single moment just to keep this balloon intact and this control mechanism of globalization alive and functional. In a way we have indirectly submitted to those who are directly in confrontation with the true creator of this Globe.


There is of course no reservation and apprehension against modernization, education and knowledge unless it is not necessarily the kind of westernization which can put a damper on our values, ethics, morality and social fiber. Under titles of Mauj Maila Mustee the kind of modernism and moderation being effectively promoted by our totally commercialized Pakistani media stalwarts no way offers us any kind of opportunity and position to compete in the challenging world. They are simply making the characterization and faces of our men & women more and more ugly through seducing sub-standard practices on mediums of Print, Ramp and Screen.

World media researchers and analysts have drawn to the conclusion that TV channels and websites easily accessible to all age groups of a family can be altogether shown dramatic and mellow-dramatic packages full of seducing sex, violence, street crimes and family intrigues as a major source of  social disorder in any society.  Clash of Civilization as a matter of fact is the remote controlled clash between those Religious extremists who want to cover the this world with their robes, hoods and turbans and these Liberal extremists who want to convert the world into a Free society without any kind of civilized social barrier and without any kind of  family institution. Whereas really civilized, really moderate, and really enlightened people of pedigree and human values are actually those elements of any society who prefer to dress up properly and soberly on their bodies and minds at least for the time when they remain out of their living rooms and bedrooms.

This all is not happening as if destined but of course under a special design plan of that Symbolic Snake conceived by elders of Jews long  ago for the conquest of world order. It is no more a revelation for any of my reader that according to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary the religion Jew is known as Judaism. Judah is a person who always betrays his friends. History has proven the fact time and again that their basic approach and behavior is true to their basic theology of religion. Famous Herzel’s Diary reveals Jew world plot and authenticity of their protocols which are considered to be terribly inhuman document in contemporary world. These protocols represented by that symbolic snake of Judaism as threshold of Jew sovereignty over the world. Strictly adhering to its design plan this snake is yet to finish its work until it has encircled the whole world by total economic social & political conquest. According to scholars and learned minds of today this snake has almost successfully completed its round around Europe & America and through them now sly towards remaining parts of the world. Readers of this article must have also gone through details of those 24 Zionist PROTOCOLS translated in English by Victor E. Marsdon who for yrs remained a Russian correspondent of Morning Post. The book in which these protocols are originally covered was published by Sergei Nilus on Aug 10, 1905 a copy of which is said to be in UK Archives. All what is happening today around the world perfectly fits in to those Zionist PROTOCOLS. Parts and summaries of these protocols have been published from time to time during the centuries as the secrets  have leaked out long ago. The word Protocol signifies a draft of a document, minutes of proceedings of the meeting of learned elders of Zion. Despite that the Jews Journals of course say that they are a forgery but according to Mr. Henry Ford in his interview in the New York World February 17th 1921 “The only statement I care to make about the “PROTOCOLS” is that they fit in with what is going on in the world.  For general consumption I would like to mention here only the salient features of these Protocols which perfectly mach and fit into what is going on these days particularly in our part of the world:

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Economic Wars and Materialism/Replacement and assault on religion/Despotism and modern progress/World power and Take over technique/world wide wars/ provisional govts./destructive education/control of the press/only lies printed/distractions, ruthless suppression, poverty our weapon, abuse of authority, arrest and detention of opponents, brain wash, loans and credit, power of gold, monopolistic capital, poison of liberalism through spiritual demoralization and moral corruption with the assistance of Jewish women, we shall be cruel, we are wolves, we demand submission, we shall destroy the clergy, tyranny of usury etc. etc.