By Huma Hashmi-Hanley

So it’s finally out! U.S. to deploy troops if Pakistan nukes come under threat, according to Sunday Express.

They waited for the most opportune moment to make this statement, which was after the Bin Laden killing. And the point was proven with the targetting of FC recruits and other terrorist incidents, which occurred after Bin Laden’s demise. Convenient, to say the least! Getting back to the Bin Laden killing, very pertinent questions have still not been answered.

· The U.S. Special Forces were equipped with cameras when they raided Osama’s compound, why hasn’t the video been released? “Hazy” said the White House.

· Saddam Hussein’s sons’ bullet-riddled bodies were displayed in photos worldwide, as also were photos of Saddam’s lynching, yet Osama’s, the world’s most notorious terrorist footage is still kept hidden. Why?

· Who is to verify the authenticity of the video showing Osama viewing himself on TV in the infamous compound? The U.S.?

· Why was not Osama moving from place to place and was a sitting duck?

· Who is going to verify the results of the DNA test conducted by the USA?

· Statements being leaked to the media about Osama’s wives and a statement by his daughter are another question mark. Who is leaking these statements? And why isn’t his family being shown to the media and the people?

· Worryingly, the tapes and manuscripts called ‘treasure trove of info’ are also going to be used for further attacks by the U.S. Is this material gospel truth?

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· Most importantly, if the U.S. did manage to claim the head of Osama in the said operation in Abottabad, why wasn’t he captured alive, but struck down unarmed by brave U.S. Navy Seals

· The biggest question: Was it really Osama who was killed, taken away and dumped at sea?

As they say, the proof lies in the pudding. Alas, I have gone blind searching for the elusive ‘imaginary’ pudding.

The world witnessed the drama of the century unfold on May 2nd. After 9/11, the biggest farce was played out, and this time the unsuspecting victim was Pakistan. So my friends, there was neither complicity nor incompetence on Pakistan’s part. No one was aware as it was all a hoax. Until facts are established to the contrary, logic defies any other explanation, but that it was not Osama bin Laden on that fateful night.

Now the Mother of all Questions: Did Osama plan and execute the 9/11 attacks from a cave in Afghanistan, or was it an ‘inside job’? Elementary, my dear Watson, as the latter seems more likely, especially witnessing the aftermath: war in Iraq, Afghanistan…Pakistan? So WMDs stand for ‘Walnuts Most Delightful’?

Putting conspiracy theories aside, let’s look at facts:

As exemplified with the phenomenally accurate drone strikes in the northern regions of Pakistan and more recently in Libya and Yemen, the U.S., as the world’s only superpower, holds the military monopoly in the mastery of drone technology for pilotless attack aircraft. Recent revelations have provided critical answers to 9/11 with the QRS-11 microprocessor, a computer chip installed on aircraft autopilot systems resulting in an uninterruptible autopilot transforming any aircraft into a remotely-controlled “drone”.

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On September 11, 2001, Captain McConnell, a former 35-year highly-qualified and experienced Air National Guard F-16 pilot, whose unit stationed out of Fargo, North Dakota stood the ‘ready alert’ NORAD watch at Langley AFB just south of Washington, DC. Two of his squadron mates had been launched that day in pursuit of an airborne target inbound to Washington, DC, but were vectored due east over the Atlantic Ocean even though the inbound hostile target had been acquired on Air Traffic Control and AWACS aircraft radar.

Meanwhile, in the rear seat of another dual seat F-16, already airborne from the same Fargo North Dakota Air National Guard squadron, sat the New York State Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and this before any aircraft had struck any targets that day. Concurrently, a FEMA AWACS aircraft orbited overhead New England as a supposed participant in a joint military exercise.

In 1999, President Bill Clinton had transferred the military AWACS aircraft from the U.S. Air Force inventory to FEMA. This same pilotless technology was available on September 11, 2001 and in 2006, the Boeing Aircraft Corporation quietly settled a suit with a $650-million settlement with the Department of Justice for integrating this technology into the autopilot systems of their aircraft.

AWACS aircraft are fully capable of jamming airborne communications systems and disappearing/appearing/replacing radar contacts on air traffic controllers’ radar screens. It has been conclusively proven with evidence that the FEMA AWACS aircraft orbiting overhead Washington DC and New York City on 9/11 was employed to ‘disappear’ American flight 77 that departed Washington Dulles Airport and replace the radar signature with the inbound Navy A-3 Skywarrior aircraft adorn with an American Airlines paint job that struck the Pentagon that day, which contained explosive materials.

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Supporting evidence of secretly obtained of copied encrypted Nextel text messages emanating on 9/11 from the ‘City of London’ to the city of Chicago and NASA further strengthen allegations of collusion, deceit, and traitorous deeds by numerous agencies and governments.

Any wonder, that the Stealth helicopters employed in the raid on the compound evaded radar detection?

9-11 is cloaked in secrecy and no subsequent credible investigation has been conducted. This time around, history will not repeat itself, as Pakistan will ensure that the wool will not be pulled over the eyes of the world and truth and justice will prevail.

Senator Kerry is willing to demonstrate his sincerity by writing in his blood that the U.S. has no evil designs on our nukes. Thank you, sir, we respect you, but do not trust you.

So our message is: BACK OFF! We are a proud nation. Mistakes have been made like the Raymond Davis fiasco, thanks to our benevolent rulers, but now we stand on our own feet and may starve…but we will not compromise on our country’s sovereignty.

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