The long march of respected Dr,Tahir-ul-Qadri to Islamabad on the 14th Jan 2013 to bring about political reforms to save the state !

By Sethi Mushtaq

“We have been so accustomed to imported items.That even imported Prime Ministers were gladly welcomed to rule us.

Now leaders from abroad are being imported to provide deliverance from our misery’s.

Caution is needed,Pakistan does not need nor can afford a “CHANGE” on the pattern of Arab Spring !

It would prove anarchical and lead the country into chaos,as witnessed in those Arab states !”

In a democratic process, protests rally and even long marches by the opposition forces against  the government are not new neither unusual nor undemocratic.However,they always had a specific agenda or a defined cause ! For instance,the jointly organized by the lawyer fraternity,civil society and many political party’s, long march undertaken in the year 2008, for the restoration of the judges arbitrarily and illegally removed from their office and held under house arrest by a dictator ruling the country then.The second types are to pressurize a ruling government to quit power for reasons of bad governance and to bring in new one through the process of ballot.

But unfortunately the one planned to be launched under the leadership of Dr.Tahir ul Qadri, on the 14th Jan 2013 to Islamabad apparently seems devoid of any clear well defined agenda or a plausible cause.On the contrary it is instrumental in raising many apprehensions,specially of creating a law and order situation leading to chaos and anarchy.More so, that to when the country itself is in the grip of internal and external security threats from various anti-Pakistan forces and a peaceful transitional process of power through a democratic process is just about some months ahead ?.

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Briefly, the respected Dr.AllamaTahir ul Qadri,who has been acclaimed for spreading moderate Islamic Sufism and rose to prominence, when  few years back he issued a Fatwa condemning suicide bombing.I shall not dispute his good intents.But  what has been observed with serious concern is, that while explaining Islam in light of the so-called ongoing War on Terror (WOT) launched by the USA and it’s European ally,he has never made any direct attempt to reflect and deflect the nefarious labeling of Muslims followers of Islam, by the west.He failed to categorically declare that Muslims are not the terrorist,but in fact the biggest victims of terrorism.

If not that be the case, then one would expect him to stand tall and claim not only that Muslims are not the terrorist, but the biggest victims of terrorism !

Undeniably and without dispute,it is apparent that his knowledge of the teaching of Islam is credible,but unfortunately it seems his in-depth insight of the War On Terror (WOT) and the broader global dominance picture drawn by the super powers under the New World Order is either naively poor or else….

He should him bring out facts and figures before the west and question them over the millions of body bags of Muslims,that  they have killed in the past decade.Also to justify,why are they invading and occupying Muslim land and resources under the so-called WOT and what is his viewpoint about the extrajudicial killing by the US continued assassin Drone attacks on innocent human beings coupled with violating the sovereignty of independent states, who happen to be not at war with them,are they justified or not ?


Coming to his contention for holding this grand march.One would not disagree with what he has been pointing out, as the ills in the system which confront Pakistan.But the honest truth is none of it, is new to anyone .Nevertheless,some of the various important question which arises here and needs an honest answer could be that,why has he realized this after so many years after staying abroad and why the sudden concern, so close to the election date ? Furthermore, what possibly does he mean by the slogan “Siyasat Nahin Riasat ” meaning not Politics but the state first ?. The fact is that no state can can be visualized to be run without the Political element in place.Because it is the art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs!

Last but not least what does he wish to achieve once his march reaches the designated destination ,which of course is Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan ? Does he want to overthrow the present serving government and take over reign or what ….?

To be honest,I am afraid the solution of marching to snatch power under the duress of street power and not the democratic practice through the ballot process, is ill timed and ill affordable and not at all in the best interest of the country.Specially,considering and being mindful of the present already volatile conditions prevalent within the country.More so, when there are hardly 80 day’s left for the ballot with independent judiciary,ECP and vibrant media already in place to ensure free and fair transparent elections...Let the peoples mandate go to work under them !

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If seen pragmatically there appears to be no reason for the state to be under an official or moral obligation in providing protection and facilitating their route.This march call right from the start is clearly an attempt to instigate and provoke a situation where a serious law and order situation may arise.Resulting in creating unimaginable and possibly an ugly chaotic impact within the areas en-route.Also posing a grave threat to the peace,tranquility and hardship in the daily life of the people residing and doing business in the remits from where it would be passing through.

They have been forewarned by the concerned state law enforcement authority of the impending dangers, if they proceed with their plans.Now,it should be entirely at their own risk and cost. God forbid any ugly situation develops en-route then the sponsors should be held responsible and accountable before the law of the land for the consequences for the same.

Personally,I feel his long march is actually a wrong march.It could only lead the country to anarchy or on second thoughts,I also have my reservations about the march completing the full length of the journey and could turn out to be a half march,similar to the last one for the restoration of the Judges.The government would probably accept his incomprehensible so-called demands and use it as a pretext to declare emergency to delay polls

Frankly,I smell something fishy.Such as a Noor-i-Khushti/Sabre rattling in this whole affair