TTP CIA and RAW sponsored

TTP CIA and RAW sponsored

Pakistan In The Grip Of Terrorism: A Radio Talk

By Raja G Mujtaba

International politics is much dirtier than one can imagine. It has no scruples and is absolutely shameless and ruthless to the core. Up front all are allies, friends or seeking to be friends but they are the enemies in hiding who are not allowing any breathing space to Pakistan. Sometimes they dictate and our leader(lord)ship crumbles.

I will not blame them, not even an iota but the entire responsibility lies within us, the leadership who are either not sincere to the state or do not know their business of ‘State Craft.’ In both cases, it’s a doomsday scenario for Pakistan.

The leadership is not only corrupt but they have all their ill gotten wealth invested abroad so to say in safe heavens. If for some reason, these people holding the offices try to resist the pressure, then they are shown the card to freeze their assets and declare them as criminals. There are many cases of this nature from the third world whose assets have been taken over and in some cases even criminal cases were also instituted against them.

Terrorism cannot be fought by lofty statements from Islamabad or just by sloganeering by the politicians. It needs some serious brain storming to work out its short term and long term objectives. Does our political leadership have any such capability to think and implement short term and long term policies into operation? When they cannot work on simple economic problems where there is no fire coming from the opposite side how can they really handle a situation where its life and death scenario. One needs to ask Mian Nawaz Sharif why has he buckled and put off hangings of the convicts in the jails. Simply he could not risk his life to bring peace and stability to the state.

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In a span of four days, the terrorists made four hits i.e. in Bannu, Mardan, Rawalpindi and Mastung in Balochistan. Two were in the garrison areas except for Mastung. These attacks took out over 60 lives and many more injured. These killings besides the loss of human lives are causing lots of socio-economic sufferings to the families of the deceased.

For once the rulers should put the national interest before their personal interests, question the countries that are involved in backing and supporting the terrorists in Pakistan. Every day we are losing precious innocent lives for no rime or reason and suffering huge economic losses to the country. If they cannot, then what moral authority this ruling mafia has to hold these offices at the cost of the state and the people?

From where and how the explosives and other weapons are coming by the tons? Who is supplying those, how are these being carried into the country? Who are involved from within? These are some of the questions that ask for answers that need to be made public.

But we all know it’s beyond them; their personal interests are far more important because that is the only reason they spend billions to come into power. They hold billions outside of Pakistan and the countries where this wealth is held know it pretty well that its all illegal and the money is siphoned out is all made through corruption hence they can twist their tails anytime.

Today the country is art war, a war with no visible enemy and they want to negotiate with them. How can they negotiate with a faceless enemy, an enemy that has no legal status? So, even if the dialogue is held whom would it be with. There are many factions within these killer groups and quite independent of each other. They are quite capable of rejecting any agreement made by one faction and resort to terrorist activities at their own. They are doing it, they can fight it even as individuals and muster new inductees to make a force. Money is no problem for them, they get container full of dollars; they feed this money into the channel and get fresh inductees. With such a scenario, what’s the solution to bring a workable and durable peace?

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A general amnesty would have to be announced and do the following:

  1. Give a reasonable time for the terrorists to surrender.
  2. Honour the conditions of surrender.
  3. Rehabilitate them both economically and socially.
  4. Those who need to be given therapies for the mental disorders must be given proper treatments..
  5. Keep them under surveillance for a reasonable period of time and monitor their activities.
  6. Those who do not surrender must be cordoned off and taken out.

It is well known, that this is beyond their capability to face the grave scenario that is eating Pakistan and its people, they have no political desire to fight this menace of terrorism nor are they perturbed about it. All they are interested in are to hold on to power for their own sake. Now should the Pakistani people allow them to run the affairs of the country? The longer they stay more damage they are likely to inflict or be caused because of their irresponsible attitude. Have the President, Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Defence Minister or the respective Chief Ministers visited any of the attacked areas or even offered their funeral prayers?

Law and Order is the responsibility of the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments. It’s not the responsibility of the army as the perception has been created in the minds of the public to deflect the attention of the public and focus it on the Army and the ISI.

Ministry of Interior has to face the brunt; they have IB, FIA, Frontier Constabulary and couple of other such institutions. After the Federal Government, it’s the responsibility of the provinces. Provinces also have a complete network of Law and Order Maintenance System. Why don’t these outfits perform their duties and why their failure is not questioned?

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The basic role of Army is not to maintain Law and Order but defend the frontiers of the country, Army only comes when the Federal and the provincial governments have failed and exhausted their capacities. Why this perception is not being corrected by the ministry of information and the media at large needs to be questioned. This anomaly in the minds of the public must be corrected as quickly as possible. Is it an omission or commission to cover the failures of the Civil Governments, pass on the muck to the Army and relax?

After the army cleared Swat area, the political government is still reluctant to assume it’s complete responsibility, why?

Now the public has come to its nose, they are fed up with this bloodbath of everyday; they want peace, safety and security for a healthy growth of the society. Increasingly people are talking that the army should take over.

Here it’s an important point to consider that is it a single clause in the constitution more important or the preservation of the solidarity of the State. A constitution can never be there if there is no state; sometimes states do exist without a constitution.

It’s worth analyzing by all those who attack and criticize the Army.