By Raja G Mujtaba

By and large youth or the young scholars are ignored or kept on the side lines, their views seldom get heard on vital national issues. One must not forget that it’s the youth who are the future of Pakistan. As a policy of continuity and making the youth feel that they are an important segment of the nation building maximum youth must be involved in open debates. In most cases when given proper opportunity with encouragement the youth come out with very mature analysis and view points.

Here S. M. Hali has conducted one such exercise where he invited two young research scholars Nasir Naveed Dogar and Rida Zeenat both from SASSI, an Islamabad based strategic studies research institute.

They have talked on such important issues like CD, FMT, FMCT, NSG, NSA, ND, India, Cold Start Doctrine, Indian Arms Buildup, China, US. The discussion is very mature and encouraging.

For the benefit of the readers, their video clippings are attached.