ScreenHunter_11 Sep. 23 09.03Home grown extremist terrorist or local and foreign conspirating, Mercenaries ?

By Sethi Mushtaq

Today,on Sunday the September 22, 2013. A double suicide bombing killed more than 70 and injuring over a 100 more,innocent God fearing people, including women and children, at a church service in Peshawar-Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa, north-west Pakistan…

My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of those Pakistanis,who got killed and prayers for the speedy recovery to good health for all those who got injured !

May Allah (God) bless and keep us all Pakistanis and other innocent people around the globe, in his aman (protection) from the evil plans,acts and agenda of these enemies of mankind striving for global dominance.

Ameen !

These really are sad troubled times around the globe,as the enemies of mankind for their own selfish gains and interest are engaged in the evil plan of pitting one human being against the other by virtue of playing on their religious,ethnic,sectarian sentiments and beliefs and thereby attempting to cause divisions amongst them

In Pakistan alone over 50,000 and millions across the world,especially the entire, Muslim bloc,innocent men,women and children,from every religion,sect and ethnicity, have lost their lives and many times more maimed forever!

Neither, Mosques, Imambargahs, Churches, Mandirs and Gurdawaras, have been spared in the terrorist related cowardice acts unleashed by the agents of evil powers.

The manner in which the Muslim and Non-Muslim,innocent men, women and children are being killed,the places being targeted by them such as schools and now even funerals and hospitals.It is beyond belief that a true Muslim,even a radical would never indulge in doing all that.

  Drone Attacks Sabotage the US Interests

“Allegedly Muslim terrorist, Killing Muslims and Non-Muslim within Muslim countries? Doesn’t make sense? ”

If Muslims were allegedly terrorists and a threat to the west, then why is it that Muslims country are the worst affected by terrorism at the hands of so-called Muslim terrorists networks,who happen to be operating only in Muslim dominated countries,only ?

It  becomes hard to digest how could the so-called Muslims Networks, benefit the cause of Islam by causing death and destruction and destabilizing Muslim countries, as “Jihadis” ? Seeking regime changes with implementation of their own brand of Islamic Sharia? Here seriously, one wonders whether in Islam it is permissible for Muslims to launch Jihad against practicing, Muslims ?

Apparently, these so-called networks are bogey, a master key made to appear where their masters, wish to gain access in a dramatic military way. If not then,how come it is the South Asia, South Central Asia, M.E and Muslim dominated African countries, the only regions where they appear and create sub-group. Such as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the one in Somalia called Al-Shahab etc. etc., playing a destabilizing role out there.

After picturing the above situation, it becomes beyond comprehension as to how can one deduce and label these terrorist attacks, as the work of religious extremist or infighting between them ? No religion professes engaging in such barbaric and inhuman acts against another human being,regardless the difference of caste,creed or religion Thus conclusively,such elements couldn’t possibly have any religion at all…The only plausible answer there can be is that they have to be paid mercenaries, in the garb of fanatic or radical Muslims.


Strangely certain highly respected party leaders in Pakistan,are harping on the tune of claiming these terrorism related acts to revenge acts and recommending initiating a dialogue with the perpetrators. Its sincerely suggested that they need to come out of this delusion and view the broader global picture,which visibly depicts that it is the same game being played around the Muslim block !

In my personal opinion, to tackle this grave situation aggravating with each passing day.The first step needed, is to determine very clearly and identify in unambiguous terms as to why and whom are they ? It is once this true picture emerges, only then can be decided that whether a dialogue is really possible? and if yes,then with whom dialogue can be initiated or not  and would it bear fruits at all ?

Common sense and logic states,those willing to lay down their weapons could be the only ones with whom dialogue could be thought of being initiated.But,those who don’t,they need to be tackled in the same coin and sent into oblivion…Period!
Also it seems about time the whole Muslim bloc should shun this hoax so-called war on terror and tell the west ” we don’t need you to clean our back yards,we can do it ourselves and that you best look after your own ”