By Jawad Raza Khan

Has Osama Bin Laden undone all the worst he did to Pakistan in his unseen but effective authority after his mysterious death in operation Abbottabad; Can Abbottabad operation prove to be more integrating then earthquake 2005 or floods 2010, after 1965 war; Is this a new era of civil- military relationship in a country like Pakistan, where point of mutual interest is not power now, but the national interest; Are the Political and Military leadership in-step after this qualitative and quantitative display of American Hypocrisy; Will we be able to react as a nation from now on?

According to the fourth Caliph of Islam Hazrat Ali R.A:

"Failures are often the results of timidity and fears; disappointments are the results of bashfulness; hours of leisure pass away like summer-clouds, therefore, do not waste opportunity of doing good."

Short story of Pakistan is indeed not a case of all failures and disappointments, but certainly fear, timidity and bashfulness, the main ingredients of failures and disappointments are found in abundance in our society. One cannot also deny the mindset of our ruling elite which always lived in the leisure pass away of the summer cloud and the result now right in front, eyeball to eyeball.

Now coming over to the last phase of the Caliph’s saying “Do not waste the opportunity of doing good”. The in-camera briefing to the legislators of Pakistan by the Military top brass by and large looks to be an opportunity of doing good in the shape of smart, precise and efficient repair work for the country. The said repair work has to be multi-dimensional and result oriented.

  Opportunity Cost

The present disarray around the globe, in the aftermath of 9/11 and American arrogance has indeed made survivability percentage of countries like Pakistan to bare minimum, with virtually no political, economic and now even territorial sovereignty existing in practical terms. Without being optimistic about it, accepting the supremacy of Parliament by other state pillars can provide Pakistan a launching pad to renovate its pride and honor in international community.

The Political Complexion:          

It is more than imperative to ensure a variant from the political culture of Pakistan, every political organ or may a mere pressure group only, should be able to comprehend and resolute in the direction of national interest. Political leadership with egotism can prove fatal at this time, the political dynamics needs to be overhauled with constructive contributions from every hook and corner.

The Military Bias

De energizing and energizing the geographical borders of any nation depends mainly on the political mindsets of the National leadership, but in the politico-military environment of Pakistan, case is somewhat little complex. After eventful, honest and honourable confessions made by DG ISI and Deputy Chief of Air Staff, the said complexity is at least looking to be fading out. From the overall concept of homeland security to the purchase of technological sophistication in the field of modern warfare, all this needs an extensive deliberation and change of bias. Osama event has highlighted a grave weakness in our defensive system, fortunately before the test of time; this should be taken as a window of opportunity by the military thinkers and warrants immediate and effective measures in the right direction. 

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Judicial Order

With all due respect, a lot has to be done in this regard, justice at lower level is in scarcity, and people of Pakistan are least interested in cases like NRO, President Two office holding case and many more like these politically derived court battles. Higher judiciary must set the right tone for speedy justice to the common men. Pakistanis are more than anxious to know about the outcome of Sialkot brothers annihilation case, outcome of nurse jumping from the balcony of third floor after an alleged sexual assault by a doctor and a long list of such humiliations still not accounted for by the judiciary……………………many more like this…………………………..

Perception Management

The most spoiled field to work; needs deeper plough; immediate attention; framing of rules; and implementation with fearless dedication.  Perception management of a nation is an extremely serious business, especially when majority is uneducated and educated are unemployed. On the other hand this core weapon has been privatized so extensively that it has endangered the national security. As a nation cannot fight war with private armies in the same manner it will be defeated if the information war is handled by the money mincing private sector. This needs to be taken care off well and proper and should on the top priority.  

All the state institutions are required to work within their domains efficiently and honestly. Big opportunities are created by proficiently handling big problems. The launching pad provided by Political and Military leadership needs to be exploited to the best of the resources and capabilities. This can be termed as a last chance given to Pakistan to become a nation otherwise the global selfishness will make us drown in such deep waters, which will not allow us to rise again.