By Jawad Raza Khan

Understanding the difference between rights and duties is an imperative to generate the strength of discipline in individuals and states. The world witnessed one of the classic examples of discipline, especially in recent distress created by one of the most powerful earthquake and tsunami, which crippled Japan’s north eastern coast.

11th March 2011, was undeniably the most terrible day of Japan’s recorded narration. The world saw some horrendous scenes with cities town and villages turning into rubble. It was a real face-off with the Power of Nature. That all may not look inspiring enough to be remembered but what was actually impressive, was the response of Japanese nation in that convoluted time. From top to bottom they were and they are in trouble and from top to bottom they were not taken over by the situation, rather they took over with determination and most notably Discipline.

No looting was reported- No protests were launched against the government – As that would exacerbate the crisis. People around the world observed with amazement the quake and tsunami victims in Japan "queued up” in long queues to buy food or to go on public transportation.It was such a different sight (at least as a Pakistani) when the world was watching  prime minister of Japan dressed up as a rescue worker with definite sign of worries on his face, but at the same time composed as a leader from where nation can draw strength to survive and rise again.

It was certainly heartening to see that brave recovery of Japanese nation, we Pakistanis have also displayed great sense of sacrifice and devotion in difficult times but certainly lacked in discipline factor. It is believed that as a nation we need big catastrophes to unite, yes indeed, but nowhere we have achieved that mark what Japanese has set for the rest of the world.

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On the other hand sports achievement also enjoys a magical and binding effect on our natives, but it is merely impossible to win world cups every day, and if at all we get united for some time, what about the discipline, as one dead and 32 injured because of aerial firing in different parts of Pakistan, while witnessing India Pakistan cricket encounter. You can give hundreds of examples on account of ill-discipline Pakistan; some are mentioned, just to recapitulate.

  •  15 humans have lost their life, not attended by doctors as they are on strike.
  • You will hardly find any pedestrian crossing busy highways through overhead bridges, resultantly loosing precious human lives.
  • In case of shortage of any food item, behavior of Pakistanis is unexplainable.
  • Traffic discipline needs no elaboration.

Mr. Jinnah’s three pillars are in terrible condition, and the last one Discipline is literally in coma. Pillars of faith and unity most of the time are subjected to the individual and collective mindset and little bit of variation here and there is expected out of human society but discipline…………………….cannot be compromised.

Undoubtedly we are a talented nation, but without requisite discipline all the talent we possess is raw and ineffectual.

“Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” Roy L. Smith

After the death of 1st Caliph of Islam Abu Bakr, the same day Umar assumed the office of Caliphate. Umar was pioneer of some very important administrative affairs. He was the first to discipline the people when they became disordered, by enforcing some remarkable administrative measures:

  1. First to introduce the concept of compulsory military service for inculcation of Discipline in the masses.
  2. First to appoint police forces to keep civil order.
  3. First to introduce the public ministry system, where the records of officials and soldiers were kept.
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My dear readers some of you will indeed be astonished that this concept of compulsory military training which is now renamed as conscription is followed by many western countries even those who are having very small or no standing Armies like Switzerland and Denmark. On the other hand militarily stronger nations like Israel, North Korea and China also follow this concept.

On the other hand, our Governments have been failed to set out the right priority even in this all important aspect of national character building. We, in our days use to get basic military training in our colleges under the concept of N.C.C (National Cadet Corps); amazingly this has been discontinued since 2002.  This training was on volunteer basis and as an incentive 20 additional marks were given to the individual after successful completion of the training in his intermediate mark sheet.

With battle zones all around every Pakistani soldiers and civilians in shape of suicide bombing, target killing and exuberant crime rate, the Nation has all the more reason to re consider the decision in this regard. The above mentioned ills are also responsible of lack of unity in the masses and complete absence of discipline in the society, on the other hand not equipping our young generation with at least basic military training is making them vulnerable to all odds. It is quite clear from the present scenario that NOW is the most suitable time for NCC training to youth to mobilize civilians for protection; when suicide attacks have become a part of our daily lives, India is fighting an unofficial war against us in Baluchistan, in FATA and in the northern areas.

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Revision of NCC syllabus, keeping in view the peculiar environment of Pakistan’s internal distress as discussed above and its professional enforcement can indeed show us a small window of opportunity to fight this menace out. Disciplining the young generation through well thought out plans can do the trick and make us patriotic, united and above all safe.

It will rather be more effective and efficient, if minor courses of civil defense system are also incorporated in the syllabi of primary schools and above. This will not only improve the society awareness against terrorism, but will also discipline our young generation to counter its disastrous effects.  

"Liberty is the luxury of self-discipline, that those nations historically who have failed to discipline themselves have had discipline imposed by others."

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And that’s what is happening in Pakistan…………………….