By Hamid Waheed

The new concepts in  warfare shifts its objectives from capture of ground and killing of enemy to capture of hearts and minds of people and use lives of target as slaves to suit own agenda. The media and Psychological operations takes lead over military operation. Now psychological operations are launched as a main stay while military operation only supports to achieve Psychological objectives. The media, intelligence and covert ground operations are launched to win hearts and mind of target population through building and harnessing perceptions. These perceptions are the tools used to confuse the target population where they fail to recognize the difference b/w friend and foe. The objectives seemed converging till recent past. The statements of US officials in pentagon and state department praised the role played by Pakistan security forces and its intelligence agency in war against terrorists. Mullen, Kiyani understanding has been widely discussed. During the decade-long anti-terrorism campaign, Pakistan has killed and arrested more than 400 Al Qaeda affiliates, including Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, suspected of being the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks, Faraj al Libbi and Omer Patik  at the cost of maga human and material loss is a fact world recognizes.

The changing dynamics of foreign intelligence agencies and media operators inside Pakistan and their use to limit Pakistan’s options of decisions in its national interest has now emerged as the main problem area. Handling of Pak – US relations by US after Raymond Davis case and Osama’s killing show emerging difficulties in foreseeable future. Such distrust at this crucial time of exit in Afghanistan has regional as well as global implications. The Chinese statement issued after US operation in Abbottabad by Jiang Yu, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry reflects international concerns. She said, “China holds that the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of any country should be respected, she added that We will continue to support Pakistan in instituting their own anti-terrorism strategies and carrying them out based on their domestic situation, and we appreciate Pakistan's active participation in the international anti-terrorism cooperation.

  Extrajudicial killing started in Paris after carnage

Open source intelligence and study of think tanks is no more just an intellectual discourse  based on hallucinations. The faction of society taking such studies as conspiracy theory may revisit the ground realities. The present happenings demands acceptance of new warfare environment and its demands.  Selig Harrison who predicted 1965 Indo –Pak war 18 months before the baloons went up and is currently member of Afghan study group discussed US interests in a seminar held in April 2011.He said that US has significant interest in Balochistan for its oil supply and an independent Balochistan will reinforce US south Asian policy oriented to India which will help check on China and Iran in the region. One of the objectives of Kerry-Lugar aid bill for aid to Pakistan being projected by US  is  "support for promotion of a responsible, capable,and independent media."According to report dated Feb. 27, 2010 by the examiner , "the Obama administration plans to spend nearly $50 million on Pakistani media this year to reverse anti-American sentiments and raise awareness of projects aimed at improving quality of life, confirms a Washington insider."The same issue came to lime light during controversy over expansion plans of US embassy in Islamabad . A large size media cell was being considered inside the proposed complex. Issue of visa to such undercover journalists and so called businessman through already neutralized channels is yet another issue.

Inter Services Intelligence Agency(ISI) was on the target list of hostile agencies. An article of December 2008  said ‘With barely a month left for US President-elect Barack Obama to officially enter White House, influential Democrat Senator and likely next head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry made it clear that the Obama Administration will ask the Pakistan government to bring the ISI firmly under civilian control’. The same ISI played a role in controlling contractors after Raymond Davis issue and a large number was told to leave Pakistan. The obvious pressure was felt and the reaction could be read from statements of General Kiyani . He during his address to PMA cadets in April said that Pakistan Army is fully aware of internal and external threats to the country and will come upto the expectations of the nation. In back drop of above the world saw US unilateral action in Abbottabad and killing of Osama Bin Laden. The CIA chief said Osama’s presence is either with incompetence or connivance of Pakistan’s Intelligence. The trust deficit between the partners touches the peak. A breach of 120 Kms inside Pakistan for Osama Killing operation is a matter of grave concern for which voices are being raised for an inquiry. It seems that USA has extracted important information  from shared sources of ISI and CIA which led to Osama through double crossing. The biggest vulnerability that Pakistan faces is that some of its own assets may have been exposed, or double crossed and could be used to blackmail Pakistan in coming days. The failure in Air Defence system to respond certainly raises doubts. The systems are deployed in layers to ensure that some elements of information do manage to alert which has been the practice in recent past , even during 10 Kms or 5 minutes violations. The electronic systems are reinforced with human elements wherein even a lowest commanders in a border post is trained to immediately report a violation/activity in real time. Why such a credible system failed needs scrutiny.

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Accountability is the way to progress for any institution or Nation but we must understand which type of investigation will help Pakistan and Pakistan army which remains as one of the few credible institutions of Pakistan and what will help the foreign agenda which is being resisted for years now. The leader ship at all levels is the main target which has to move with caution but on solid footings. We need to rely more on own public support for which leadership has to decrease the existing class differences and encourage simplicity. The trust deficit with public can only be reduced by sharing truth. The actions only will bridge as words have lost their credibility.  These trying times demand that writers must keep the nation updated on historical events to defeat perceptions.