So what could the soldiers and officers do who lost their limbs and lives for the sake of their Country, after observing such an apathy of the society at large? The parents of the shuhada must be thinking that the sacrifices of their sons had gone in vain.

By Talha Usman

Dangerous Duffers

The honourable lady who used these words for the individual members of Armed Forces or for the institution as a whole must be having enough proof to justify her outburst. The fact that our ever alert Honourable Courts did not take Suo Moto notice of the statement also indicates that there was nothing wrong, against the Constitution or unlawful about the episode. Our media in general was so busy in much more important issues that it could not give enough space and time to this minor cut on the minds and hearts of those, whose honour and dignity is otherwise being slaughtered by enemies and friends alike for a number of weeks now. The leadership of Armed Forces thought it was not their responsibility to get entangled in the war of words as it would only further aggravate the situation.

So what could the soldiers and officers do who lost their limbs and lives for the sake of their Country, after observing such an apathy of the society at large? The parents of the shuhada must be thinking that the sacrifices of their sons had gone in vain.

After all Sepoy Fateh was getting about nine to ten thousand Rupees and free rations, and Capt Haroon was not getting less than thirty five thousand Rupees for defending their Motherland. Then what if Fateh is without his left leg and right arm because of the frost bite at Siachin and Haroon lost his life while valiantly fighting with terrorists in Swat. Men you are being paid for that. You are eating away major portion of the budget. What did you say ,it is not going in your pocket ? What about these so expensive tanks, guns and missiles that are your personal property and does not belong to this Nation ? If all this money was spent on the health , education and improving the law and order as honestly as the paltry amount being spent now by these institutions your Country would have been a developed and least corrupt in the comity of nations by now.


My dear Khakies, Blues and Whites, don't be under any self illusion that you have ever given any extra ordinary sacrifices to defend your frontiers. The part of Kashmir that was taken by the volunteers with a bit of your help, expelled Indian Army from Rann of Kach , did not allow Indian Army to enter Lahore Gymkhana etc etc means nothing because on the other hand you alone are to be blamed for East Pakistan debacle. The records and sacrifices of PAF pilots and madness to fight heavily outnumbered enemy is not appreciated in this land of the pure, after all you own forty year old F-16s , that as per the knowledge of our intelligentsia are most modern and expensive aircrafts. Only a duffer would take his ship and submarine deep into enemy waters and fight them out there killing them and getting killed . Either you have no brains or you are doing it for money…. I don't think higher ideals like self sacrifice, crave for shahadat or willingness to give your present to buy bright future for the grandchildren of Asma Jahangir, Chief Justices, Hamid Mir, Dadabhoys or Choudrys, has anything to do with it.

So , now that you have been cautioned none other than the President of the Supreme Court Bar , and your actual face and mind has been very eloquently exposed, better mend your ways. What business you have to make best schools and colleges in the Country and why are you wasting your peanut minds in establishing best health facilities unnecessarily. Why do you keep your cantonments so clean and green and have flower competitions and maintain good traffic and other discipline out there? Are you a special breed ? Can't you live a simple, filthy , corrupt life just like your brethren elsewhere? Please join them immediately , otherwise you had it . Why did you show this nation that an organised living is possible by establishing Defence Housing Societies and why do you boast of Frontier Works Organisation that built KKH , Coastal and Highway and busy making roads in FATA? Anybody could have done it.

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And your passion for takeovers is most disgusting. In the presence of so many brilliant minds and such a congenial democratic environment where the best are given the chance of leading their parties, you better mind your own business. What if huge amounts are being stashed in foreign countries, those are national reserves …duffer . If institutions are wrangling with each other and the poor masses seething under abject poverty, things will change soon, don't worry. Then what If higher judiciary doesn't know what is happening to the 500 apprehended terrorists who slaughtered the innocent people in Swat, how much time it takes for a woman to take her legitimate share of property, and what has happened to innumerable dacoits, abductors and murderers who were caught red-handed or carried out their heinous crimes in broad daylights. Probably they have no time to think what is happening to 99 percent of the population, there are important constitutional matters to attend to.

 So you with low IQs! don't scratch your heads to discern whether Country, Constitution or Parliament is supreme ? Whether telling a lie regarding your qualification renders you disqualified for a public office? Whether it is the responsibility of media anchors to verify their facts and how much of speculation be allowed? Whether all corruption becomes legitimate if the poor downtrodden people vote you to the parliament?

And please don't worry about the people of Pakistan..They do not matter except for the few days of elections. Media is powerful, wise politicians are efficiently running this Country, dispensation of justice specially for the poor is abundantly available. Fiscal and security policies are in able hands and our overall direction ….. Well please don't tax your small minds, after all those who lay down their lives to defend all the muck described above and that too for a paltry few thousand rupees are naturally nothing but duffers no sir dangerous duffers.

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