LAHORE, 23 June 2014: Shahab Ahmed, an expatriate Pakistani engineer working in the UAE, sold his plot in Phase 5, DHA without having to take any leave and come to Pakistan. This is all thanks to the tech savvy real estate sector of Pakistan, where being thousands of miles away, he was able to carry out this transaction in a smooth manner. It is due to the numerous real estate portals that have sprung up which make all of this possible, with just a click away.

This penetration of technology in the real estate market of Pakistan, is not only just through these property portals but have also been adopted in other manners by big players such as Bahria Town. It recently adapted Genesys social media engagement tools which enables Bahria Town to cater to the needs of their customers through voice, web chat, email, SMS and social media.

In addition to all this and to further enhance their customer experience, Bahria Town has taken the initiative to deploy, Advantage, a fully automated complaint management solution which allows customers to log complaints and fully track them until they have been taken care off. The prime objective behind this, is to maximize customer experience and provide a consistent service.

Saad Arshed, Country Director, of commented, “With a 30 million internet user base, 15 million smart phone users and the launch of 3G and 4G internet services which provide a staggering speed and network quality, these property portals and such social media based contact centers, were very much needed to adapt to the changing needs of our tech savvy population.

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Moreover, the recently launched,, mobile app which allows customers to browse properties while on the go, is a breakthrough for the property market of Pakistan and will soon change the face of real estate sector.”

Hence, now is the time to fully utilize these technological breakthroughs and take advantage of the booming real estate sector of Pakistan.

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