By Jawad Raza Khan

20th March, 2011 was indeed a day to enjoy, celebrate and be at ease, you must be wandering there are still three days to Pakistan resolution, we have not won the world cup yet, neither a drone has been shot down by Pakistan but honestly speaking there is something more today. Ladies and Gentlemen we will be away from private channels for 24 hours………………..yes.

Thanks God! Allah ka Shukar

  • NO MORNING SHOW (I just love it)
  • Children are expected to get quality time from their mothers
  • Fathers will be able to watch Pakistan Australia encounter without any fuss
  • Grani’s will get some time to tell some character building stories to their innocent kids
  • No agony for the complete house, in the aftermath of innovative food making (Zubeda Appa Key Totkey)
  • Less  cardiac arrests because of Breaking News
  • Family members will give their precious time to each other
  • No terrorist will be glorified
  • New generation will come to know what to say and what to wear as Pakistani (courtesy PTV)
  • Families will be outing and parks and picnic places will be flooded
  • And most importantly Current affair anchor persons will be just out of sight

When I am writing these lines, cable operators strike is just called not implemented, but it has driven me crazy and excited about it and the best way to lower my blood pressure is to write and that’s what I am doing right now.

You must be thinking that you are reading a non serious writer, but it’s a sour fact that all said above have very serious implications on our lives as individuals and as a nation.

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When these private channels took their start more than a decade before, the most convincing point for their deployment was to kill the monopoly of State Television PTV. This overtone has been reduced to rubble as now collective monopoly of private channels has inflicted irreparable harm to our society that to, on the name of freedom of speech. It is also imperative to make a mention that harnessed and taxpaying monopoly of PTV has indeed proved to be harmless to the character of society in comparison to the uncontrollable tax thieves (To Whom It May Concern), blackmailers of Pakistan’s so called free media.

Indian satellite channels are in place, and performing their rightful duties of polluting the cultural fabric of Pakistan, as nationalist, since 25 years. If we critically analyze the first 15 years for them were bit more struggling for achieving the desired results, but inception of our private media acted as a catalyst to the desired process of contaminating our society. If I am not exaggerating Indian nationalist media could not damage our society more than our own private, highly commercial and money mincing monster.

Pakistan’s extremely friendly accommodative society of 80s and 90s is now turned into an intolerable and extremely hyper society courtesy sham freedom of speech. I pray that this strike may prolong so that we can in place the system of check and balance at least at the individual level and be able to differentiate between phantom zing and truth.

Whatever you comment now it is a sigh of relief and a window of opportunity for good to prevail as it has been and in the end has to……………………

  Mega.Pk "Mega dot Pk"

Thank you Cable operators (may be not your agenda but definitely suits decaying society of Pakistan for a little while may be)