By Barrister Mansoor Sarwar Khan

The episodel relationship between USA and Pakistan climbed a steep and high face of a mountain and then went for a nose dive in the valley of Abbottabad on the 2nd of may.. You may never hear the whispers of appropriating it, fixing it, improving it. For sure, both sides will pay lip service to a relationship that is very dicey; but deep down they know it well, that its never ever going to  be the same again. This is a cautious worry of US, which; although  has achieved its goal  of smoking out bin laden dead or alive; but its real purpose of Balkanization of Pakistan remains unaccomplished. This is not a irritant but some thing that hurts and undermines the future designs of the empire; so interesting times are in the offing for predator and the prey.

A long list of betrayals, uses, abuses by the US has led to the destruction of Pakistani state, its sovereignty, its societal harmony its institutional infrastructure and perhaps its very existence. America has horribly devastated state economy, demonized institutions fundamentalized the populace and divided the state; its society and still US clamours for obedience, subservience, attention at the cost of Pakistan’s national interest.AS if this country was made for American garbage heaping and man hunting training.

you cant see the sear, who does the seeing, you cant hear the hearer who does the hearing, you cant think with the thinker who does the thinking ,you cant perceive the perceiver who does the perceiving but you can access ;, the inner most core of your being and relate to what and how it all went wrong. This is what the Pakistani nation by no accounts unintelligent has been doing since the Abbatabad episode .like in the Axial age there occurred a thoughtfulness of a unique kind ,that proved pivotal to the spiritual development of humanity. In every case , the catalyst for major spiritual and societal change was a principled revolution from the violence , corruption, apathy that had reached unprecedented heights ;like in Pakistan today.  As a result of such upheavals .the institutional reflexes of Pakistan point words the beginning of the end of its relationships with the America. but at what cost is the pivotal question. Judicial commissions’ time has passed by; this is not a murder reference that only  SERVING judges are required. We call for a high power commission headed by the chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

With justice Bhagwan Das, Justice Wajih ud Din; two retired  army and air force chiefs of character and insight  along with one supreme court lawyer of eminence, a journalist and parliament members from all parties in the NA. To sit in this all encompassing commission with a time frame and mandate to conduct a far reaching inquiry into the Abbatabad episode and unveil the conspiracy of silence,;  giving recommendation to avoid such situations in future. we have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.pakistan once again in standing on cross roads of sorts , it has again a decision to take; lets not waste this opportunity by taking wrong decisions like we have in the last 64 years .lets put our house in order, behave like a sensible wise nation and conduct the affairs of the state in accordance with compatible standards of statehood. We are running out of time, so we better put some wisdom in our heads and let’s get started. Factualy conations in Pakistan have taken a shape, where a single act can trigger a mass movement in Pakistan which is already on the verge of political, economic and governance collapse. Its never been that bad for citizenry of Pakistan. Vibes of political demise have further beefed up instability; Pakistan is getting the worst of both evils US and terrorism. A political revolution is imminent, inevitable and pertinent. A feeling of helplessness makes it quite natural for people to look beyond tested old faces. they are in search of a man of character, courage prescience and vision. Imran khan fills the bill and thus Pakistan looks to him to manage a crucial transformation through a nation wide movement for free and free election, under an independent election commission assisted by nadra assisted electoral voting lists and army inside the polling booths to avoid booth capturing by old guard Nawaz-Zardari types.

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Last months changes at the pentagon, the CIA and US commands in Afghanistan had a lot more to it than the apparent shuffling necessitated by Robert Gates retirement.Obama s military surge team comprising of Robert Gates at Pentagon, a political general David Petreus in Afghanistan were a sort of failure and Petreus was seen to be a political threat in making if he ever accomplished some thing tangible in Afghanistan. The political calculations of a stout Obama were suggesting a turn around from a military surge to a balanced military scale down. Instead of hunting Taliban; alluring and enticing them to a negotiating table seems to be on the cards of President Obama. but US wants Pakistan to continue doing its dirty work and get destroyed in the process.

 The Americans want the negotiations to go ahead without Mullah Umer and few other notorious have been Jihadis; Now kicking the wilderness of Afghanistan. The presidential election next year could not be expected to be a smooth sail like a passing cloud ;and no one is more  avidly aware than the clever Obama who has gradually initiated the beginning of the end of Petreus and in the long shot the state of Pakistan . Pakistan is the pet hate of Judio Christian world; led by American establishment, which considers Pakistan to be their potential candidate for balkanization .Leon pannata has been kicked upstairs to replace Robert Gates and Petreus has been put to head CIA.  Obama ensured that the big fish Bin laden is netted from Abbatabad before pannata moves to his new office as defense minister of America. This step was important in Obama’s scheme of things; cutting patreaus to size was very pertinent for the president. Now Petreus has only one option to expand his ambitions and that is  at the expense of Pakistan. This dangerous situation puts Pakistan inline for CIA adventurism.

On the other side of Afghanistan , a brave ,upright ,straight talking incorruptible Imran Khan is braving all logistical , security ,political and communication barriers ; peeling off the ruling elite to regain the usurped  honour ,self esteem ,sovereignty of the Pakistani nation and  has emerged as a peoples Rock Star , to lead Pakistan out of this quagmire created by the corruptious combine of political and military elite in the last 64 years. Pakistan is certainly in the defining moments with its very existence in shaking.

Petreus will for sure intensify drone attacks and  manufacture logic and reasons to rationalize Pakistan’s Bombing back to Stone Age, his hatred and distrust of Pakistan, its army, its intelligence out fit and its nuclear installation will persuade him passionately to unleash a reign of terror, bloodshed and devastation. Petreus a faciest man known for the use of brute force; has plans to test new tactical nuclear arsenal in specified areas. These weapons would be tested if these are constrainable and can be confined to calculated areas, to be followed by ground attacks. Imran on the other side would go to any extent to bring back the forgotten people of Pakistan to their feet. As the main stream power players crumble in the wake an Abbatabad incidence; these filthy corrupt who are disillusioned with outright naked self indulgence and stashing wealth through money laundering at an unprecedented scale. The entrenched political. Leadership of Pakistan is gradually drifting towards the black hole; whereas more and more Pakistani people in search of identity, self esteem political, economic and geographical sovereignty are beginning to understand Imran Khan and his leadership based on courage, character and integrity. He is being understood as a sign of hope. After shuffling for a considerable period of time as an odd man in the polluted political waters of quasi democracy surrounded by a bunch of demoguages who were a shadow between him and his people .Imran Khan has found his feet to tip toe this graveyard of a derailed Pakistan and its mislead people. Imran seems to have found himself as ordained to liberate his people from the bondage American colonialism and serfdom of the permanent ruling elite of Pakistan. The Abbatabad crucification of an unarmed man; has pushed political dynamics of Pakistan  in changing course; Imran emerges as serious option to lead Pakistan out from the woods.

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The utter failure of political leadership at the federal and provincial level has led the country to disillusionment on a very large scale. The demoguages like Zardari, Nawaz, Shujaht stand exposed in their perverse games of self perpetuation completely oblivious of their constitutional and moral responsibilities. Justice Iftikhar Chaudry and his librated colleagues have badly exposed the illegalities and illegitimates of the ruling herds. Imran and Judiciary duo are only seen as working in public and national interest; the free media that is in the process of maturing seems to be coming of age. So this in a way is the beginning of the end of corruption eaten and mafia run old Pakistan with a begging bowl as its national symbol.

The drones, Raymond Davis , Abbatabad operation , Gun slinging America, CIA espionage let loose in Pakistan has brought us to point where the stage is all set for the long waited political renewal that throws out the rotten tested ,discredited corrupt to the core lot of leadership. The revolution had already taken root in the hearts and minds of an avidly aware electorate. The Abbatabad entry and exit of stealth copters of US, has only brought these sentiments in the open. Imran has suddenly found himself speaking the language of the people in appropriate measured and sensible manner; sowing the seed of hope, in a fear driven Pakistan; that is in a state of coma to learn about the presence of Osama in Abbatabad for one thing, and for another the sophisticated operation by the Americans to net him.

The ruling elite of Pakistan pathetically mishandled lied and found the easy way to blame game and shifting the responsibly to the devil. What to talk of the so called opposition, Nawaz, Zardari are opportunists and past masters at expanding their carriers at the expense of others. Nawaz asks for a Judicial commission, he should have constituted one on the shameful storming of the supreme court; and one on Kargil, when he was prime minister. He is trying to play the game of America pitching one institution against the other. Speaking the language of Leon Panetta may bring a odd smile in US for a short while but Pakistan loath his duplicity as did Kim Barker when he begged her friendship with tears in his eyes. Nawaz did not say a single word against the main culprits the America. Meanwhile, sprinkling salt on Pakistan’s wounds US state department, Congress, media, all maintained and propagated the right to strike in Pakistan  again and again; if it had actionable intelligence on the presence of any high value target in Pakistan. All this has come as a final blow to the permanent ruling elite of Pakistan. Like 1987 German Amateur aviator Mathias Rusto little plane incident helped Gorbechev in purging the old guard and hastened the march towards a new beginning for Russia. US choppers ultimately is likely to help Pakistan bid a fare well to US slavery and its allay the old corrupt Zardari ,Nawaz, politics and the dying security state giving birth to a welfare  state.

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Americans are moving slowly but surely towards their find goal of Balkanization of Pakistan. The trap being laid by Americans is cautious and calculated. The executive is obliging Pakistan with a escape route by saying that its unclear weather the military and govt had any knowledge of Bin Laden or that the Osama network in Pakistan was beyond the comprehension of Pakistani officialdom . But Obama asserts in clear terms that this network is present in Pakistan and that it has to be held accountable and eliminated. The Americans are very wisely pilling up arguments and constructing dossiers and very soon would be spinning stories to ensure their arguments go through. Although, the American presidents have been found lying to international community, so Obama would be doing it yet again to build a final case against Pakistan. As Americans are wise enough to understand the implication of injuring a lion and go away without killing it; because they understand that Pakistan is a true lion, if left wounded could be back on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto s path for a truly sovereign Pakistan in every sense. this Pakistan could eventually;  become a roll model for the Islamic world.  such thoughts send shivers up the spine of judo Christian world.

Now this network thing is dangerous and sounds very troublesome for Pakistan; as the international community will not let go on this one. Every case has to be seen in the light of its own circumstances, we are bogged down on a dicey slope we are done if we do; we are done if we don’t.  we have to face it, so better be worldly wise thrash the network before some else comes around to do this thrashing and consequently the nation state suffers immensely; No Omer or Haqqani is above Pakistan , so we must treat this issue wisely and seriously . If we find the network they surely would ask for investigation by their people.. Once in American custody, the culprits would name names who assisted them and facilitated the network. These names could be people or institutions who are being given the benefit of doubt today. So on the basis of these facts and a salt of fictions Pakistan would be put in the dock and indictment would follow labeling Pakistan a rogue state. Can we continue this cat and mouse game for long? DO we have that much time for any further luxury is a million dollar question?