Lahore,We would Like to inform you that the of board of directors of Pak Elektron Limited (PAEL) in their meeting held on Thursday April 02, 2015 at PEL factory premises, Ferozpur Road Lahore approved the consolidated Account for the year ended Dec 31, 2014 has passed over the dividend.

EPS Rs. 6.61 per Share
NO Payout.                            

                                                Year Ended Dec 31, 2014

Revenue                                        24,125,716
Sales tax and discount                  (3,607,686)
revenue-net                                   20,518,030
cost of sales                                 (14,208,775)
gross profit                                    6,309,255
other income                                32,483

Share of loss of associate            10,924
profit before taxation                    25, 45,291
other comprehensive income       303,822
Total comprehensive income       2,241,469
The annual general meeting will be held on Monday 27 April 2015 at PEL factory premises, Ferozpur Road Lahore