The 10th Crusade

By Naveed Tajammal

The earliest set up of the Christian Church was similar to the Jewish synagogues, but, with a council of ordained presbytes,’ [ a Greek word meaning a old man ],Till the Apostolic age lasted,1st century AD, Jerusalem remained the main church headquarters, thereafter,we see a shift,in shape of Episcopal See’s, or Patriarchs however by 4th Century Bishops had taken over & ,assigned themselves provinces of the Roman Empire, So emerges the Pentarchy, From the Greek, word ”pente’ meaning number 5,and archy ‘the rule’. This was confirmed officially by Emperor JuJustinian [527-565 AD ],So emerge the Five centers, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, and Rome. The formal recognition came by the Quinisext Council in 692 AD, as by then the muslims had taken over, Alexanderia ,Antioch and Juresalem, And Constaniople remained the last Eastern Episcoplal See, beside Rome.

However the Patriachs of the three lived at constaniople, and so continued the See’s. The term Pope’ which is Greek, papas’, Being based in Rome always tried to impose his will on others, However the Eastern Church, having Juresalem on its panel, where Jesus had lived and died, negated the papal monarchy, I n the early periods the pope of Rome, had been subordinate to The Byzantine Emperor in Constaniople, and had been appointed by the wish of the emperor through his civil governor in Italy. The problems arose in the break after the two ”Iconoclasm’ disputes,[726-787 AD] and [814-842 AD],This cause of dispute arose as the Eastern part followed the old covenant, based on the Ten Commandments, by virtue of which, it was forbidden making and worshipping images, The western church challenged this, on the grounds that the old covenant had ceased to exist by the Time, of Jesus so they could make images of Jesus, the virgin Mary, and Theotokos [saints],By the 6th century AD, in Christianity the hierarchy of intercession had emerged, reverting back, as Eastern Church claimed to old Paganism, This hierarchy constituted the Trinity at its pinnacle, Christ, Virgin Mary Theokotos and last stood the believer. So in order to seek and obtain a Divine favour believers would pray to Theotokos, [saint] so that, through his intercession, the prayer may pass to Christ and onward to God. So had started the old pagan rites of pilgrimages to places sanctified by religion or graves, of the dead saints, so grew as well the needs for Relics’ and images, made of wood or stone. The importance to relics grew more after the discovery of the True Cross, by Helena the mother of emperor Constantine l, as She had gone to the Holy Places in 326-328 AD, later claimed through a Dream of a miracle in locating the hiding place of the True Cross, The myth of the True Cross emerges later in a book [1260 AD],written by one Jacopo de Voragine, who was the Bishop of Genoa, in his book ‘The Golden Legend’.

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Should one study the Theological anthropology of the Christian faith divided by two main churches, it is amazing, We find that sadly, that the original elements of Christianity as propounded by Jesus, and communicated to his disciples, grew later into a new religion, subjected to the influences of Roman Civilization, Greek Philosophy and the Eastern Theosophy. And so emerges a supernatural Aura of Jesus. By the 5th Century BC, the Buddhist preaching had even spread to west, The Greek conquests and the Roman in the East had brought with it the intoxicating influence of its subtle religious ideas, and it was termed by West as ‘Gnostism’.Which had a massive impact in dissolving the Old Religions, under its touch. Even in the Art and Literature of the period in West we find its prevalence. During the Age of Augustus and his successors it gradually, insensibly undermined the beauteous sensuous mythology of Greece and the harder sterner religion of Rome, and substituted for them a Religion in which, If fear was the prevailing emotion, worshippers still felt that there was more spirituality and  greater claims to universality than their old Religion could give, and within Christianity grew the schisms with passage of Time beside the ingrowth of Gnosticism and later Mysticism. The western church as per the stance of the Eastern. Fell in the Great Apostasy, as it had inducted in itself the Greco-Roman mysteries, which it was felt, were needed to attract the Pagans, to become nominal Christians, The Catholic Church, took measures to amalgamate, the Christian & pagan festivals as well the Eastern Theosophy [Gnosticism].Which created the theory of Original guilt, the pessimistic, aspect of humankinds plight, and so the Catholic church, started preaching the Doctrine of Original Sin, which is an item missing in the Eastern church, Even in the western churches three main branches the concept of, original sin, is hotly contested, Luthern, Catholic & Orthodox, whereas the eastern church stands apart from the three churches mentioned, and rejects any notion of the inherited original guilt, that being, all humans share the guilt of Adams Sin.

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St. Augustine, rejects the ritual of baptizing the infant, as his logic being, infants need Not be baptized since they have Not committed any Sin so Far! The next sore issue has been of Imago Dei

  • and the Free-Will, The imago dei has been discussed earlier, in the Iconoclast Struggle between the both churches on the free will aspect ,Luther contented,’ After the fall of Adam, free will is a mere expression, whenever it acts in character, it commits a mortal sin’, and so continues the debate, over the interpretations.

    A debate over the nature of Jesus, too, surfaced, though earlier the Church, had’ determined, that’ Christ was the Son of God, yet what his exact nature was, remained open to debates.
    Arainism, is attributed to Arius [250-336 AD], a Christian presbyter [elder priest],and his contention on this issue, that, was Jesus a son of God ? Arius stated, such had Not been the case at the start, but he was created by the church to be a son of God. As historically the concept of Trinity emerges in between 325,360 & 431 AD after the councils of Nicea, Constaniople and Ephesus.
    However Islam considers, Jesus a Prophet, but Not Divine, Islam teaches absolute Indivisibility of a supremely sovereign and Transcendent Allah, and Doctrine of Trinity is Blasphemous.

    The person to whom the Catholic church is indebted for the Grand Concept of fully developing the Doctrine of Trinity was St. Basil [330-379 AD ] of Cappadocia [central Anatolia, Turkey, The Old Persian region of ‘Katpatuka’ the Land of Horses],The stance of Non Trinitarians, has been that the Doctrine of Trinity is a prime example of a borrowing from Indo-European, Persian, and Egyptian pagan sources. They further stress upon a fact that after the death, of the Apostles, the simple idea of God was lost and the doctrine of Trinity, took its place, due, to the weakness of the church, in accommodating the Pagan Ideas. Now a brief look on the concept of old three [Trinity] in older Religions, to further elucidate the point, Egyptian had, Horus, Isis and osims, The Celtic, Teutatis, Taranis and Egus, Persian, had Mithra ,split in three, The Vedic, had, Mitra, Indra and Varuna, Prussian, had, Perkunos, Patrimpas and Pikuolis, Norse. had ,Odin, Vili and Ve Arab had, al-lat, al-uzza and manat, Greek, had, Zeus, Athena and Apollo, The Roman had, Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, Taoism ,has the three, Fu, Lu and Shou, Mahayana Budhism, has the three, Sakamuni, Avalokitesvara, and Ksitigraba; Puranic Hinduism had the three, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, All this should suffice to ‘substantiate’ my argument.


    The papal Monarchy has always striven to gain control over, the whole of Christianity, by various ruses, the crusades being a prime example, if you study the instigators behind the nine previous and the Tenth in offing, you will find the Popes coaxing the Christianity to serve their ulterior motives under the banner of a crusade. As was seen on the start of the First crusade, which was done on an assurance by Pope Urban ll, to his ‘Flock’, That all Christians who take up arms for the Holy Cause would get Absolution of their past Sin’s, and all who died would get immediate entry into the Heaven”. [Council of Clermont 1095 AD]. The actual motive, was, to take over the heart land of the old  episcole See, of Juresalem, Before coming to the last paragraph of this discourse, I would like to enlighten the reader of the mindset of the Catholic Clergy, by remarks, as given by Bishop of Winchester on hearing the appeal, for help by an envoy of Al-mut; After the irruption of Mongols.

    His words had been ,”Let these Dogs devour each other and be utterly wiped out and then, we shall see, founded on their ruins, the Universal Catholic Church, and then shall truly be one, shepherd and one flock”.[vol.lll,p-6,A History Of Persian Literature, by Edward G. Brown, Cambridge university Press.1920 ].

    In the prelude to the Tenth Crusade under progress, we see once again the papal monarchy busy on its mission, by the letter addressed to Christodoulo, The Archbishop of Athens, written in 2001 AD,” It is tragic that the assailants who set to secure free access for Christians to the Holy Lands turned against their brothers in faith…..’.
    This has been regarded as an apology though much belated, to the Eastern Church the old enemy, of the Vatican, for the terrible slaughter perpetrated by the Warriors of the 4th Crusade, when they attacked Constaniople [instead of Muslims] to wrest the center of Eastern Church, and end, the controversy  once for all. So Trinity may rule supreme.