In today’s fast paced and self aware population, technology has become an integral part of people’s lives. In socially active and ever bustling routines, it becomes cumbersome for people to take out times for their personal shopping needs and search for products that suits their style at leisure. For them online retail shops are definable as gifts brought from heaven. They can make use of their services during short breaks in office hours, corporate activities, travelling and the like. M-commerce and e-commerce has played a large role in making people’s lives easier. From the basic grocery necessities to the more elemental stuff, to large appliances and furniture, everything can be bought through the electronic media.

In Pakistan, although the online shopping trend is just emerging, but the corporate and new generation has accepted this medium whole heartedly as being a crucial part of their lives. At first the online marketing channel was merely used to compare prices, features and other offerings from different brands but with more advancement, and added dynamics, people have made use of the ‘buying online’ option due to its convenience.

Shopping online in Pakistan presents so many pros that when compared it, surpasses shopping in the conventional means and going from store to store, despite the elemental touch and feel component missing from their purchase stages.

Since a virtual marketplace is as substantial as brick and mortar structures in today’s world, their presence might undermine the profits of a local business.

In order to prevent this, it would be both prudent and wise for the local businesses to make their presence felt in the virtual world as well. It would offer them increased chances of getting a bigger cut in the market as people from more parts of the world will be able to access their products. Their publicity on the social media will help gather more attention and thus sales from people living in the far unfurled places. In addition to having an efficient and benefitting marketing channel in use, the buyers will also be able to check and compare prices online with the competitors, analyze the quality standards and save on the staffing and stocking personnel. This provides an opportunity to those smaller online retailes with relatively lesser prices to market their products to a large audience with the aid of lesser marketing resources.

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Kaymu Pakistan and are one of the online retail shops that help bring together various suppliers and offer the customers with a variety of deal as well as bundle offers with surpassing customer services that the percentage of repeat purchasers for online shoppers keeps on building.

In a nutshell, it would be safe to conclude that having a virtual business is as profitable, if not more, as having one in a defined building place with no effect whatsoever on the local businesses as well as online shopping apparently looks to be stealing the market share of traditional shopping stores but if used wisely this very online marketing channel can be used to boost sales and reach more potential customers.