It is remarkable achievement for OLY and it contributors that today we successfully published 1000th Article. We are very thankful to all who contributed their writings with us and specially those who felt OLY a renowned blog and requested to publish their press releases.

In this approximately three years journey, OLY faced too many ups and downs. We still remember the day of Tahir-ul-Qadri announced Long March in Islamabad, when Two thousand and five hundred plus unique visitor visited our site in a single day. And also didn’t forget the black days, when some goof people hacked our site through DDOS attack which we fixed by the guidance of Mr. Usman Asar.

Actually, Bloggers are online journalist; their contributions are playing vital in transforming information to the public.   So Government of Pakistan should focus on this emerging segment and make some code of conduct to utilize this forum in a proper way.

We also grateful to all users who visited our website and appreciated our efforts. Your valuable feedback gave us an opportunity to improve ourselves. So, keep visiting