ÖKI (Öriginal Knowledge Inspiration) International (SMC-Private) Limited is a company that has its roots in London and the Silicon Valley, California, and is now headquartered in Islamabad. We come with a vision to truly understand modern-day challenges that beset the corporate, professional, development, diplomatic, academic and government sectors. We are a formation of sound technical and managerial experts who specialize in customizing solutions for mission-critical applications, keeping in view the client’s technical specifications and quality needs bearing in mind their budgetary, resourceand time constraints.

Spanning over 4 continents we have the worlds` most talented team of management consultants, skilled engineers, project managers, and sales & marketing professionals ready to assist our clients round the clock in every aspect of the project management lifecycle.

Our very own manufacturing facilities and factories dotted around the globe and our strategic partnerships and distribution agencies with world renowned OEMs and Principals lend us the leverage to lead. With our turnkey client-centric solutions,we offer you a smoothly integrated One-Stop-Shop-Solution (OSS) to achieve all your business objectives with zero downtime, unflinching client service and guaranteed quality.Save precious time, hassle, effort and money by having a single point of contact and reference, namely, ÖKI International.

We represent experience you can trust; Experience that has no substitute; Experience a multi-disciplinary organization.

ÖKI International – Knowledge architects of the information age with a passion to perform.