Are you not responsible for her death?

Civil society is restless, more so the working class

By Raja G Mujtaba

Raymond Davis you killed two innocent people who were still to blossom in their lives. You silenced them for no fault of their, you deposited four bullets in each, ripping their backs open. You come from a highly civilized society, you are bringing bad name to your beautiful people. Your country has killed millions around the world, most of them innocent Muslims. America has used all possible weapons in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, Panama, Palestine just to name a few. If you killed 2 in Pakistan that is known so it’s no big a deal. Besides, there are thousands that the US has killed as collaterals, through drone attacks, airstrikes, daisy cutters, depleted uranium and what not that has not been used by the American forces. As if that was not enough, Bush and Dick Cheney hired people like you through various mercenary companies like Blackwater etc. to kill at will. You certainly deserve to be decorated.

Raymond, people in Pakistan know and they say it so very openly that you have bought our president, prime minister, interior minister and all those who are there to protect you, so you are quite confident that you will be bailed out and maybe you do. But will your conscience bail you out, if you have any? While you killed these boys, there were police officers like Rana Faisal releasing statements to prepare your defence. Without any investigation they termed your heinous cruel act in self defence, it is also reported even the weapons were planted on the dead. Yes when dead, anyone could plant anything on them. You have the backing of so to say a sole super power behind you that makes all bend to beg for forgiveness. But let me tell you, sometimes a very weak when pushed to the wall can rock the boat. Maybe the time has come that could send some running for their lives. Shumaila is one such rock in your boat, maybe she rocks the Capitol Hill also, according to John Pilger has lot to say on the American Terrorists

When you killed her husband Fahim, the people of Rahman Malik were threatening her to sign an affidavit in your favour, see how well entrenched you are. Although she was a very poor girl, hardly 22 or so, married only for six months had a personal pride, her commitment to her slain husband. She was brave, she took her life rather than surrendering before you or your agents. She saved her honour, she splashed her blood on your face so you could have some more blood quench your thirst for blood. She also left a warning for those in power who are trying to trade her husband’s blood. She refused world’s wealth, she refused the American offer for resettlement in the US, she refused any blood money. Her only demand, she wanted to see you hanged to death at the same spot where you ripped her husband apart.


She was brave, she stood like a rock, Police faked her last statement, they announced that she committed suicide because of family feuds but that was not the case, Mr. Raymond. She told the media that she was being denied justice, she was under constant threats to sign the papers in your favour, she was not willing to forgive you, no way. She said in very clear words that she had no hope in this government of any justice. Raymond, sometimes back one of your senators said that Pakistanis are very cheap, they can be bought for a bottle of whisky, they can sell their mothers. Yes that may be true about those who are out in the market to get a price. She has proved that poor have their conscience living, they won’t trade off. Raymond, haven’t you knocked at the wrong door?

Is it not a fact that that in addition to the Beretta you were still holding, three cell phones were retrieved from your pockets. Police also found a loaded Glock pistol in your car, along with three full magazines, and a “small telescope?” Raymond can you deny that some months back you were not expelled from Pakistan when you were caught in Peshawar indulging in terrorist activities?

Raymond, where are those four Americans who were to rescue you? Why did they flee from the scene after crushing one Ibadur Rahman under their wheels? More than likely it is believed that they were carrying explosives in that vehicle to blow some place. Be honest to say so.

Raymond, if you were a diplomat, why were you not using the embassy vehicle? Why were you in a rented car and that too with a fake license plate?

Of all the places what was your business in Mozang Chongi? That’s no place for any diplomatic activity. Yes perhaps the only reason there you could kill lots of people with one single blast.

Is it not a fact that call history of your cells have revealed your contacts with militants in South Waziristan? Did you not visit some religious seminaries in Multan and Lahore. Were you not in telephonic with TTP?

Raymond, sources are warning that the government will release you. The reason would be advanced that “America threatened to stop military aid” so that Pakistan Army is pressured for your release. Mr. Raymond, it may be noted that military comes under the government therefore it would be governments decision to release you and not that of the army. Raymond any aid in the pipeline is more for America’s interest to fight this so called war on terror therefore why malign the army?

Anger among the Pakistanis is growing, anti American sentiments are on the rise, graph is steep. Anger is also mounting against those who are trying to get you out of jail by claiming diplomatic immunity. On Feb. 4, there were massive demonstrations, especially in Lahore, demanding that Davis be held for trial, an indication of the level of public anger at talk of granting him immunity.

Raymond, according to Section II, Article 41 of the treaty, in its first paragraph regarding the “Personal inviolability of consular officers,” states: 

  Finca - An Introduction

“Consular officers shall not be liable to arrest or detention pending trial, except in the case of a grave crime and pursuant to a decision by the competent judicial authority.”

In other words, aren’t the prosecutorial, police and judicial authorities in Lahore and the state of Punjab doing exactly what they are supposed to do in holding you on murder charges, pending a judicial determination concerning whether or not he can properly claim diplomatic immunity.

Raymond for your knowledge and of those in Islamabad, I spoke to a few persons who matter. One such person was Mr. Fareed Paracha of Jamati Islami (JI), a religio-political party. It must be know that JI is playing a very active role on this issue and so are Imran Khan’s PTI and Hizbur Tehrir. Farid Paracha is convinced that the Zardari  regime is all ready to release Raymond Davis but for the courts and the public pressure they are finding it difficult to release him. Also he was of the view that a joint action plan involving maximum political parties and the civil society in general comprising of NGO’s and other bodies a United Front.

Fareed Paracha referred to 6th Feb meeting addressed by Munawar Hasan, their chief where he said, “the Americans have established several states within the state of  Pakistan, the US Embassy and the US Consulates are subversion camps and the masterminds sitting there were a threat to Pakistan’s solidarity and were responsible for the terrorist  activities within this country.”

Raymond, the other person I spoke to was Umar Cheema, information secretary of Imran Khan’s PTI. He was again very vocal, saying the Imran Khan has addressed various rallies. PTI is bent to get justice, PTI will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you cannot be flown out. Let me say that Imran Khan is becoming the symbol of revolution. All the patriotic Pakistanis are determined to galvanize as one body like they did on 8th of October 2005 to face the massive earthquake and floods of 2010.

Remember if a fruit seller’s suicide could trigger a revolution in Tunisia, in Pakistan, Shumaila has lit the pyre with her blood.

Raymond if Zardari or his cronies let you go then maybe they also board the same flight along with you. If they do so, please be kind to them and not dump them like Shah of Iran. They would be leaving only because of you. I do hope that you would look after them well in your country. They won’t be a burden on you or your country for they have accumulated enough that can run many of your industries there when unemployment is high. It will help Obama bring a “change.”

But Raymond keep in mind Shumaila will haunt you and all those who are there to protect you and haunt you from her grave. She is still there fighting you, she will fight you and all your accomplices and well wishers right to the day of judgment;  I wonder if you have faith in the God?


Raymond, she is also questioning the double standards of the USA. She says the US claim that Pakistan is violating the convention is simply nonsense. She is saying that there is also the matter of double standards. The US routinely violates the Vienna Diplomatic Accord that governs international diplomatic rights. For example, the same convention requires countries that arrest, jail and prosecute foreigners for crimes to promptly notify the person’s home country embassy, and to grant that embassy the right to provide legal counsel. Yet the US has arrested, charged with murder, and executed many foreign nationals without ever notifying their embassies of their legal jeopardy, and has, on a number of occasions, even gone ahead with executions after a convict’s home country has learned of the situation and requested a stay and a retrial with an embassy-provided defense attorney.  The US, in 1997, also prosecuted, over the objections of the government of Georgia, a Georgian embassy diplomat charged with the murder of a 16-year-old girl.

Raymond, how would you answer her question? Do you have the cheeks to claim a diplomatic immunity when you are a mercenary hired to kill innocent people only to spread chaos. Damned be all those who would fulfill the desires of their colonial masters in setting you free.

Raymond can you deny that you did not reenter Pakistan along with 75 other accomplices of yours sometimes during the floods? But more than that where are the four who were came to rescue you from.

Raymond, my friend Hamid Rajput has lots of information on you. If he opens up all his saved files books can be written on your crimes.


Mr. Raymond Davis spent 10 years in the American military, starting with basic training at Fort Benning, Ga., in 1993. He moved to special warfare training with the Third Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, N.C., in 1998, and left the Army in 2003. His only overseas posting, according to his Army service record, was a six-month stint as a member of a United Nations peacekeeping force in Macedonia in 1994.

After leaving the military, Mr. Davis apparently decided to take advantage of the boom in the military contracting business. He and his wife, Rebecca Davis, set up Hyperion Protective Services in 2006 in Nevada, a company that appears to have sought government contracts for security services, according to company filings in Nevada.

The company does not appear to have won big contracts, and may have been in the business of offering just Mr. Davis’s services, according to a former Special Forces officer who reviewed the company filings.

Raja Mujtaba has over 25 years of writings behind him. His focus is on the Muslim World in particular and all other areas where 

humanity is subjected to injustice, suppression and killings. He sees the world as a global living but not part of the New World Order that is a Zionist Agenda. His conviction is that there can be no peace without justice thus the root cause to every problem must be identified and addressed. Justice leads to peace that develops love.