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By Raja G Mujtaba

An elderly Sikh searching for his missing sons

An Elderly Sikh looking for his missing sons

Sometimes I wonder what human rights mean to some countries where they abuse the humans in a most ruthless way. Commenting on Professor Lawrence Davidson’s article, ‘Does International Law have a future?’ Marcus Licinius, a reader said, ‘Israeli Human Rights Organisation… That is a good one. I needed a good laugh.’

Talking to a lady reporter in Srinagar over the net when I wanted to confirm a few reports, she said a paper would not be enough to expose the Human Rights Violations by India, it needs volumes of books. This one sentence is worth volumes of books that would be written over a period of time.

Over a period of time, India has also come into lime light for gross violation of human rights and the basic rights of citizens. In my last column, I talked about Kashmir Movement, where the Indian troops and other security forces violate all norms and that too very brutally with a cold blood feeling. If you see the pictures in that report, its not only in Kashmir but all over India where the people are fighting for their political rights they are abused and torture to death.

Now when India is compared with Israel, an accepted standard of violence, notoriety, human abuse, wanton killings, not caring for young, old, women, children or even the new born, the Indian public should be worried and not make fun of those who write and give them a true picture out of sincerity. Today these are the Kashmiris and the Nxalites tomorrow it could be a different set of people who would be targeted.

In that I showed three pictures and a video clipping. The opening picture is that of a Naxalite woman who after being gunned down by Indian army is tied at her feet and hand and then a wooden shaft is run through to hang her body on it as if some hunters carry a trophy after a long and daring chase. This is a display of civility and human values where how humiliatingly and with a pride a body is carried to show it to others the fate of those who raise their voice against such tyranny.

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In yet another picture, Indian women are standing stark naked with a banner inviting the Indian army to rape them. What a slap on the face of the Indian nation and the world conscience who have ignored all this over such a long period of time. These brave women must be saluted who had the courage to show to the world in a very bold way that they are raped by the Indian troops day in and day out and but no one cares or listens to them. Both these pictures are from Naxalite areas like Dantewada, Orissa.

In yet another picture, two Kashmiri women are crying after they were subjected to rape by the Indian troops. To top it, there is a video clipping where Indian security forces are parading the unarmed Kashmiri youth stark naked in public where some people made a video of this brutality. If some one tried to cover his genitals, he was abused by the soldier to lift the clothes away and walk with his hands up. These soldiers were shouting at these young men like a cowboy would at his herd of cows with a pride.

Below is reproduced a report by Amnesty  International that has asked India to investigate in yet another human rights violation by torturing the prisoners in jails after removing all their cothes and named it as Abu Gharib of India. Abu Gharib is a jail in Iraq that has become very notorious after the inhuman treatment of the Iraqis by the Americans.

Amnesty International has urged the Indian authorities to carry out an effective investigation into a video clip that appears to show detainees in Kashmir being stripped and humiliated by security forces.

The three-minute clip, described on social networking sites as “Kashmir’s Abu Ghraib video”, apparently shows Jamm

Protests against Human Rights violations

u and Kashmir police and Central Reserve Police Force personnel herding at least four naked young men to a nearby police station.

Donna Guest, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific programme, said:

“This behaviour is in clear violation of the universal and absolute right to freedom from torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

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The video, apparently recorded by one of the security personnel, has since been removed from social networking sites, including Facebook and YouTube, after the Jammu and Kashmir police reportedly began legal action against the publishers of what it termed a “baseless and malicious clip”.

It is unclear when the recording was made, although it was reportedly taken in the north-western town of Sopore.

The recorded conversation in Hindi-Urdu suggests that the security force personnel suspected the young men of being involved in throwing stones at the security forces, and that they had been caught after a long chase.

Amnesty International has received numerous reports of torture and other ill-treatment of detainees in various police stations and interrogation centres in Jammu and Kashmir. Reports have often included men being stripped naked and humiliated by security force personnel.

The Indian Parliament is currently debating new legislation criminalising torture and the Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram has said the video will be investigated.

However, a statement by Jammu and Kashmir Police to local media indicated that a formal case had been registered against the clip’s distributors.

Donna Guest added:

“The approach of the local police raises serious concerns. Instead of investigating and identifying the perpetrators of the humiliating treatment, the police appear to be more concerned about who uploaded and circulated the video clip.

“The Indian and Jammu and Kashmir authorities must ensure that the content of the clip is subjected to an independent, impartial and effective investigation. Any officials who are suspected of offences involving human rights violations should be prosecuted in fair trials.”

Just briefly, in Abu Gharib, even the female American soldiers or interrogators would release dogs, play with the genitals of the captives and tease them to death. Water surfing was also one of the tools of torture.

Here I would like to mention a comment of an Israeli soldier who when interrogating the Freedom Flotilla participant tells him, “What’s the big issue, we have killed just nine of you and no more, so why is all this noise about?” Killing nine people is no big deal for the Zionists when the former US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, again a Zionist could say that killing of half a million Iraqi children and sick for want of food and medicine is a price worth it then killing of 9 people on board the ship to Gaza is not even a pinch of salt.


The US, Israel and India can virtually get away with anything and everything. United States is the only country that is subjected to public pressures hence they try to conceal but Israel and India have no such concerns. It’s a known fact that these countries have ganged up against all, they do what they feel like and yet no one can question them.

It’s about time that sane voices should rise to stop and question their respective governments for all these atrocities. India with more than a billion people claims to be largest democracy and a secular society of the world and boastfully takes a pride that India can assimilate all civilizations is nothing more than a big fallacy. India does not assimilate but it assassinates who dare to maintain their identities and social values. This is primarily the reason why Muslims are being targeted or even those Christians and Sikhs who have shown the resilience to maintain their religious values and norms.

I am sure there are many sane voices in India that could run in millions but they fail to take a stand, why?  Their silence will not absolve them of their moral obligation and responsibility, in fact it would add more burden to their conscience that gradually would haunt them to the end. They must wake up now before it reaches a point of no return and the whole of India burns from within.

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Raja Mujtaba has over 25 years of writings behind him. His focus is on the Muslim World in particular and all other areas where humanity is subjected to injustice, suppression and killings. He sees the world as a global living but not part of the New World Order that is a Zionist Agenda. His conviction is that there can be no peace without justice thus the root cause to every problem must be identified and addressed. Justice leads to peace that develops love.