Quantum Note

By Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal

Many employees at the OBL Industries, Inc. would soon be looking for other jobs, but those who wrote the master script still have a lot of work ahead of them and hence they can take comfort in their secure jobs, even though they produced a botched blue print when they started out. The script was still-born on September 12, 2001, the day after the horrific events of 9/11. It was still-born by design, as the intent was to impose an interminable war on the entire Muslim world, which was then seen as the next frontier after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviets had only offered an ideological challenge; the Muslim world had both an ideological challenge as well as the vast oil resources of the Middle East; hence the script writers had a bright future. The botched script, however, had to begin in Afghanistan for reasons which remain elusive to this day.

Still born it may have been, but the first grand opening did not lack luster, awe, and shock. The initial shocking power was built into the script itself: the world was force into knowing all about Osama Bin Laden, his terror network, his plot against American, his recruits, his financial resources, the long trail of hijackers, and the training camps in Afghanistan  within an amazingly short period of 48 hours! That was the shock, more subtle and certainly more long lasting than the shock of that terrible day on which some 3000 Americans died and which gave birth to a mass-hatred against Islam and Muslims in the Western world that has remained to this day a potent force across Europe and North America; even after a decade it ensures election victories for war mongers and, in some cases, for outright racists who would outshine Nazis any day of the week.

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It was the speed with which a coopted media disseminated this script, which increased its shocking impact. The result was astonishing; even a million Noam Chomskys could not make a dent in the official narrative. Thus, anyone who asked for a due process of law which would prove that a “suspect” is in fact a “criminal”. No one would even pay attention to the few officials who had the moral courage to say in public what Robert Mueller, the head of the FBI, said in April 2002: “after the most intensive investigation in history, the FBI could say no more than that it ‘believed’ that the [9/11] plot was hatched in Afghanistan, though implemented in the UAE and Germany.” Chomsky added: “What they only believed in April 2002, they obviously didn’t know 8 months earlier, when Washington dismissed tentative offers by the Taliban (how serious, we do not know, because they were instantly dismissed) to extradite bin Laden if they were presented with evidence—which, as we soon learned, Washington didn’t have. Nothing serious has been provided since. There is much talk of bin Laden’s ‘confession,’ but that is rather like my confession that I won the Boston Marathon. He boasted of what he regarded as a great achievement.”

For the script writers as well as their pay masters, these are mere footnotes which, they knew, were not going to make a difference in a world where all channels were broadcasting His Excellency’s script. They knew it well and hence they were not bothered about taking Naom Chomskys. In any case, it was not the job of the script writers; it was the headache of their masters; the script writers were only required to keep churning out the text at a pace that will not allow any gap for any alternate narrative to emerge and this is what they have done with great success for ten long years.

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There have been OBL tapes and OBL videos and al-Qaeda websites, but the amazing thing is that no one has ever asked: all websites need host servers, a traceable IP address, a physical computer which can be easily located even by commercial software, so, how has it been possible for a terrorist organization to operate stable websites for so long?

Since this is slightly technical question, let us get to a more basic. The latest story by one of the OBL script writers provides a much easier way to understand the dilemma of the monochromatic narrative. It is a fantastic script that throws mud on the face of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s much touted magical realism. The first long sentence reads: “Three women, 12 children, cows, rabbits and chickens all hidden behind the high wall where Osama bin Laden carved out a family life, set to the gentle rhythm of changing seasonal crops outside his house gate at Abbottabad Pakistan.” This is immediately backed up by an eye-witness account: “On Tuesday [a] Pakistani soldier took Mobile phone video footage which offered a final glimpse into a rustic simple life. A dozen eggs sitting in the kitchen sink, a few dishes on the side large wooden cupboards bare and open.”

Anyone who has ever lived on a farm or dealt with animals or who has seen a chicken coop will immediately ask: who took care of these animals? Cows cannot be left without milking, who milked these cows? Chickens and cows produce a great deal of refuge, where did that go, especially when not many people were ever seen going in and out of those gates? Likewise, cows and chicken need to eat; who brought their fodder when we are told that there were only two brothers who lived with OBL, who himself never left the compound? For this kind of farm, there needs to be a lot of traffic in and out of that compound.

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These and other similar operational details make the script a mere figment of imagination of a city person, who has never stepped into a Pakistani village. But never mind, this, and similar narratives will continue to appear in the Western media and the faithful servants of the West in the Muslim world will continue to reproduce them. No one has the courage, moral honesty and even basic human decency to say: Enough; the man is dead now, let us at least respect the dead, pack up this OBL industry and find something else; after all, there is the living horror of Libya and further afield, those of Syria and Yemen and the entire Middle East.