The Seals had become a problem for Obama and the US administration; hence killed and silenced!

By Wayne Madsen

Reporting from Jakarta

President Obama welcomed home the coffins carrying the remains of Navy SEAL Team 6 members, other SEALs, and Special Operations personnel. Obama flew to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware as the coffins arrived from Afghanistan. A Chinook helicopter carrying Navy SEAL Tam 6 members involved in the so-called "take out" of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, an event that boosted Obama's flagging poll numbers.

Most of the SEALS killed in the downing of the helicopter in the Tangi Valley of eastern Afghanistan were part of the team that supposedly surprised and then killed Bin Laden in Abbottabad in May. The body of "bin Laden" was quickly buried at sea without any independent confirmation that it was the leader of "Al Qaeda."

WMR has learned from Navy SEAL Team 2 sources that the Chinook was flying under prescribed normal transit altitudes, which made it vulnerable to an attack from a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). SEAL Team 2 is based in Little Creek and Dam, Neck, Virginia, where many of the dead SEAL Team 6 members were also based. The sources claim that many SEALs believe the SEAL Team 6 members were sacrificed for political reasons because they "knew too much" about the Abbottabad raid. Moreover, SEAL Team 2 members believe their comrades were eliminated by CIA assets operating in the area in an effort to eliminate witnesses to the actual events that occurred in Abbottabad.

The bitterness of SEAL team personnel over what happened with the Chinook is intense since an entire unit of their friends was almost completely wiped out.

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