Mr. Zardari! before detaining  Davis , did you understand,?

Who is he? What is his worth? , and where you stand.?



 Sir!  In fact, he was accused of murder,

 And it created, in my country, an emotional thunder.



That may be true, but are Pakistanis   not knowing,?

He hailed from the country, to which they are bowing.

A feeling of obedience, you all must show,

Are you not aware, Americans are high: they are low.



Sir ! But after all, we are also a sovereign nation,

We also have some dignity in international relation.



For others, you may be, but for us, you are not,

I think, still in the whirl of sovereignty, you are caught,

To save you from the inside and outside blot,

The excuse of ‘diplomatic immunity’, I had sought.



But Sir ! How  I will save my government from popular turmoil,?

Against you, the sentiments of  my people are already on the boil.



How you and your people have become so audacious,?

I admonish you all to be more pragmatic and sagacious,

My country can never tolerate you to be so much tenacious,

For you, my command must be something, most precious.



Sir! How to the world, I shall be showing my face,?

How I shall safeguard the remnants of our national grace.?



Nothing more, Mr. Zardari !, I want to hear,

To you, I want to make it abundantly clear,

Every piece of your country, I will tear,

The chains of slavery, you will have to wear.

If my drones can kill hundreds in your land,

  How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street

My Davis is also outside the reach of your hand.

What, if he has killed only two of your men,?

For that, hate against us, you are trying to fan.

No further arguments, send him to America  soon,!

Or be prepared for the most disastrous typhoon.


Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, LL.D.

Lucknow , U.P. India