By Sajid Ansari

Stealth Bomber, Nuclear capable

The Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton and the Defense Secretary Robert gates, have issued a joint statement on Sunday, 11th April, 2010, in a television interviews that Iran and North Korea represented exceptions to the limits on a US nuclear response, as both had defied UN resolutions on their atomic programmes. Ms Clinton clearly said, “the United States could not rule out using nuclear weapons if it comes under biological attack.”

This is a clear cut and open nuclear hegemony and terrorism of US to smaller countries, particularly Iran, not having nuclear umbrella against a possible nuclear attack from Israel which is threatening Iran of a surprise attack on Iran’s nuclear sites ever since Iran started off enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes and using nuclear technology for peaceful purposes is every country’s right same as of US, Israel and other countries with nuclear capability.

The Obama administration has gathered 47 heads of the states for the 2-day nuclear summit in Washington. Surprisingly US did NOT invite Israel about whom it is said that she has 200plus nuclear weapons and Israel had become nuclear power in 1973 after conducting a nuclear explosion in Nevada, US, soon after losing war to Egypt over Suez canal and Sinai desert. But US keeping a blind eye on Israel’s nuclear stockpiles as US does not considers that Israel has any WMDS despite being surrounded by ‘enemies’. Isn’t it making fool of the world openly by US…?

In late February, this very year, Mariyam Alavi, a Saudi student of 12th Grade, blasted US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for skirting her question on Israel’s nuclear arsenals during a “town hall” meeting at a Jeddah college. Ms Alavi said “I did not get a straight answer as my question was simple and direct enough” but Ms Clinton ducked the question. Ms Alavi asked Secretary of State, about Washington’s stance on the existence of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. “If the Americans so vehemently oppose Iran’s nuclear programme”, she asked, “then why isn’t the US asking Israel to give up their nuclear weapons..?” Clinton gave a lengthy answer detailing the US case against Iran but did not mention Israel’s nuclear capabilities and ducked the question.

Avoiding Israel from being labeled as a nuclear state and not considered to be ‘invited’ on the 2-day summit in Washington, held on 12-13 April, 2010 was surprising, although 47 heads of the states were invited, which was a vital proof that US and the EU countries deliberately hide Israel’s nuclear capability, rather, they must have provided all sorts of assistance of gaining nuclear know-how and yet it can’t be called nuclear proliferation whereas,, on the other, Pakistan’s Dr. Khan has been blamed for nuclear proliferation. US and the EU countries do not want that any Muslim country to become nuclear power, nuclear India and Israel are the vital proofs of it.

However, coming back to USA’s recent nuclear threat should not be taken lightly by Iran and Pakistan. The big question is why at this hour such kind of statement issued by both, the secretary of State and the Defense Secretary..?

Isn’t it surprising for the world that on the one Washington Summit focusing of ‘N-terrorism’ in the world whereas US herself threatening of pre-emptive nuclear strikes on non-nuclear states, taking the plea of possibly using biological attack and that too on US. May we ask US what sorts of weapons have been used by USA during ‘Desert storm war’ in 1990 and again in 2002 and onward, killing millions of innocent civilian Muslims in Iraq? According to weapon experts US has been using biological weapons against Iraq in 1991, 2002 and also against Afghanistan but unfortunately none of these countries had any WMDs to counter USA’s biological weapons. It is also said that US intensively used not only biological weapons but also weapons made by using mild quantity of uranium in Tora Bora mountains on experimental bases, killing thousands of innocent Afghan civilians as some percentage of radiation was detected after the US attack on Tora Bora.  Isn’t it a nuclear terrorism of USA…? Moreover, what US or the USA’s poodle UNO has done to Israel for using white sulpher on Palestinian school children..? The matter has been hushed-up, the UNO not only biased against Muslims but also hopelessly boneless and can’t stand against any non-Muslim country.

The big question is why US felt need to issue such a threat…? However, in view of the above theory since Israel is ready to attack on Iran’s nuclear sites that is why US secretary of State and the Defense Secretary, have jointly issued a pre-emptive threat to Iran, that in case Israel attacked Iran and Iran uses biological weapons, Israel or US will be justified in using nuclear arsenals. Likewise fake hue and cry of WMDs  in Iraq the US and the NATO forces turned Iraq upside down, killing millions of innocent Iraqis whereas the IAEA inspectors could not find even a smallest WMD in Iraq and then it turned out that CIA issued a fake and false Report about WMDs in Iraq, in collaboration with Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney in order to get tones of gallons of oil for free from the 2nd largest oil producer in the world, so what of 3 million Muslims massacred, as nobody verified the Report issued by CIA. Wasn’t that hell of a USA’s blatant terrorism or should we call it decoity like the pirates do …?


Therefore, the same way CIA is going to announce using of Biological weapons by Iran and they, the USA, Israel and Britain, will attack on Iran with full force, using all sorts of weapons, may be nuclear as well.

The ‘threat’ of using nuclear arsenals by US, is directly towards Iran and indirectly towards Pakistan as well, because as for as North Korea is concerned, she has never been a threat to US and it is also quite likely that likewise the boggy of Osama Bin laden being used by US to stay in the region, US is also using the boggy of Nuclear North Korea to stay in Korean peninsula and Japan, as CIA must have contacts with the North Korean leadership asking them to keep experiments of missiles, off and on,  to threaten South Korea and Japan.

However, in order to analyze and reach at the conclusion as why this statement issued by both these US A’s responsible officials at this juncture when Nuclear Summit is going on, there could be two theories which are as below.

Theory A: It seems that the Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites is around the corner as Israel has been threatening

Israel's Options to Attack Iran

Iran of a surprise attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, but different this time, from the one she did in 1981 when Iraqi nuclear sites were totally destroyed. However, in early July, 2009, US Vice President, Joe Bidden said, ‘US won’t stand in Israel’s way on Iran’. According to a press report, he seemed to have given Israel green light for military action to eliminate Iran’s nuclear threat, saying, “the US cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do”. Therefore, taking the lead from Joe Bidden’s ‘green light’, Israel seems to be all set to attack on Iranian nuclear sites. Fine, Mr. Bidden, but Iran and Pakistan are also sovereign nation so they also have rights to defend their sovereignties or not..? Why Iran and Pakistan are pressurized if Israel can not be…?

Israel has developed Drone technology to a great extent and it is quite likely that Israel will use drones in order to attack on Iranian nuclear sites as according to a press report issued on 21 July, 2009, by Israel’s Tel Nof Air Force Base, Israel’s’ air force introduced a fleet of huge pilot-less planes, Heron TP drones, that can remain in the air for a full day and fly as far as the Persian Gulf, putting rival Iran within its range. These Heron TP drones have a wing span of 86 feet, reaching an altitude of more than 40,000 feet, making them the size of Boeing 737 passenger jet and the largest unmanned aircraft in Israel’s military. The plane could fly at least 20 consecutive hours. (This also reminds the possibility of using the same drone planes in 9/11 by Mossad and CIA to destroy WTC and Pentagon) The inauguration ceremony of the fleet held at the sprawling air base in central Israel. “With the inauguration of the Heron TP, “we are realizing the air force’s dream”, said Brig. Gen. Amikam Norkin, head of the base that will operate the drones.

The payload could be carried by these Heron TP drones, has not been announced by Israeli air force but it is expected that these drones, of the size of Boeing 737, could certainly carry nuclear warheads, to be used if required.

In order to attack on Iranian nuclear sites the Israeli drones will have to take-up three possible routes which are 1. Jordan and Iraq. 2. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and 3. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Bahrain. Moreover, in order to control these drones Israeli drone experts will have to use Iraqi, Saudi, Kuwait or Qatari air spaces under all circum stances. In 1981 when Israel attacked Iraqi nuclear sites the Israeli planes used Saudi air space even without Saudis’ knowledge as the control towers were being manned by Americans and they had closed down the towers “for maintenance purposes” which was probably part of the ‘plan’. However, this time Jordanian air space will have to be used by Israeli drones under all circumstances whichever route has to be followed by Israeli drones but Saudis should be watchful this time and should NOT allow Israel to use its space to attack an Islamic country. But the question is Can the Saudis dare to refuse to US…? I hope they will not and the same will be done by Kuwait, Qatar and Bahraini states and if it happened so it would be very unfortunate for the Umma.


It is also quite likely that US would have supplied the ‘bunker buster’ bombs to Israel  which were supposed to be ready by now as the Pentagon had announced in Oct, 2009 that a giant ‘bunker buster’ bomb will be ready within months, adding a powerful weapon to the US arsenal amid tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme. The 30,000 pound massive ordnance penetrater (MOP) is designed to knock out fortified sites buried deep underground, like those used by Iran and North Korea to protect its nuclear work.

The US fleets have already moved to the Arabian Sea from the Persian Gulf soon after US invaded Afghanistan and since then are stationed there for ‘reasons’ known to CIA.

On the defense side Israeli scientists are working to intercept missiles attack from Iran, in collaboration with US missile engineers and experts, and they have achieved success to some extent.

Theory B: As said earlier the threat of using nuclear by US is apparently for Iran and North Korea but indirectly it is for Pakistan as well as the US has some misunderstanding because of a coward general-cum-dictator of Pakistan who lied down flat when a petty officer of US administration threatened him to turn Pakistan into stone age by destroying all our dams, flooding the whole country hence there would have been total destruction of the country’s economy with no water and no electricity, hence Pakistan would have been thrown into Stone Age.

Fine, but the coward general did not respond with retaliatory tone of using all our nuclear stockpiles on Israel, all of US fleets in Persian Gulf or in Arabian Sea and India, emphasizing that Israel would be wiped out of world’s map as what for the nation has been feeding the army for the last 62 years and have spent billions to acquire nuclear technology for the defense of the country. If it was end of the world, for Pakistan, then why to keep these arsenals and what for..? We should NOT have surrendered without giving a fight as even the US administration was taken-aback on generals’ unconditional ‘surrender’ which they were not expecting. The US used a boggy, an ‘empty threat which worked so well. The Americans as well as Israelis are so coward that they would think 1000 times before attacking Pakistan, knowing that Pakistan WILL definitely use nukes. Their bravery and the fighting capabilities could be gauged from the fact that they are sitting on 20% of Afghanistan for the last 9 years and don’t go out of their dens to fight with Taliban who some times just have one meal in a day and fight bare footed, yet they are killing machines.

The US also knows that the present civilian leadership, of Pakistan is also weak and thoroughly corrupt, therefore, and keep waggling their tails even before the petty officers of US administration that is why US also threatened, indirectly, to Pakistan as well.

As a matter of fact the US President, Barack Obama has given just one year to Pentagon and CIA to win over Taliban or come back by summers of 2011, from Afghanistan. The world knows that the US did not go to Afghanistan after Osama Bin laden as India and Israel dragged USA towards Pakistan to denuclearize it and hand-over it to India, afterward, but the US administration did not know that Pakistan’s gallant forces can face all challenges. Admiral Michael Mullen pointed out, in Sep, 2009, before the Senate Committee that only a year or two ago people doubted Pakistan’s ability to fight the terrorists but “they have had a big impact, although it hasn’t been perfect.”

My I ask the Admiral, please tell us as who were those people you were talking about who doubted the capabilities of Pakistan army…?. I am sure they must Not be Pakistanis or you just misguided the Senate Committee as the people of Pakistan have full faith and confidence on Pak army as they have been tested a number of times. The people had full confidence that our gallant forces will clean-up our areas from the Indian and Israeli agents, the TTP, Pakistani Taliban, come what may. No matter how much sacrifice would have to be given and they did, disappointing the enemies of Pakistan.

  Now Is Pakistan in Line of Fire as the Next Evil Doer?

US can not disown the fact that it initially wanted to take-over Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals. Washington has been issuing statements one after the other, in Sep, 2007 the plans of taking-over our nuclear arsenals using their Delta, Orange and Special Operating forces, claiming that they know some of the places but not all and for that they required ‘cooperation’ from the army. Their campaign of acquiring our nuclear assets started along with the start of TTP-the so-called Pakistani Taliban’s attack on Swat and then the Us and the western press made lots of hue and cry as if the Taliban can take-over Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals any moment.

The US/CIA, Israel and India had made such a plan that any ordinary army would have surrendered before TTP and the enemies would have succeeded in denuclearizing Pakistan. But Allah was with us and our gallant armed forces repulsed attacks by India, Israel and US forces from inside of Pakistan. So how can the people of Pakistan rely on USA’s ‘friendship’, never. There is a saying in Persian “Aazmooda ra aazmoodan juhl ast”, (to test some one already tested is foolishness/illiteracy). We have tested the friendship of US and now lately the US joined hands with our arch enemy to disintegrate us, thus we shall never ever believe on US again and those civilian Pakistani so-called leaders who are showing sincerity to US have vested interests to get green cards for their sons and other family members and nothing else. If US has changed its stance it is for the time-being until she gets rid of Iran’s nuclear problem. But once she is free then it will be between US and Pakistan.

Now since the US forces would be returning to US, if the US administration does not open up another ‘war-on-terror’ fiasco in Yemen or in Sudan, by the mid of 2011, therefore, they will try their best to complete the “Job” they were assigned by Israel and India although they have tried different tactics but could not reach or lay hands on Pakistani nuclear arsenals so now they have a last chance until summers of 2011 “to finish the job”, as asked by Obama.

It’s a known fact that USA is Not a dependable ‘friend’ of Muslims hence always keeps a dagger under the ‘cloak of friendship’ so now the US has changed her strategy and taking Pakistan into confidence of being a real ‘friend’ and a ‘well wisher’ but it is also quite likely that if and when US gets a chance to stab in our back she may take a few hours to change her stance. But the US wants to deal with Iran and Pakistan one at a time. The time to disintegrate Pakistan and acquire nuclear arsenals, has lapsed, whereas, in view of Iran’s preparations to attain nuclear power status, the US and Israel wants to nip the devil in the bud, sooner the better.

The attack on Iran is imminent as Iran is almost alone as Russia may not come forward for Iran’s rescue as historically USSR or now Russia has never taken a stand before US to support her allies whether it was Cuban crisis of 1962, Arab Israeli war of 1967, and Israeli attack on Iraqi nuclear sites. In fact Syria, Iraq and once upon a time Egypt as well, have been betting on wrong horses, the USSR, therefore, the US and Israel have now no threat from Russia if they attack on Iran.

Moreover, USA has separated Pakistan from Iran creating Balochistan and Shia-Sunni problems between these two Islamic countries so that Pakistan may also not help Iran, in case Iran is attacked by US and Israel, which could be felt from the attitude of Pakistani so-called civilian leadership which has not even once denounced Israel’s continuous threats of attacking Iran which is something very disheartening and is simply because the Pakistani civilian leadership always take refuge in the west as and when an army dictator takes over and they run for their life along with bounties. This is all US/CIA diplomacy so that the two nuclear Muslim countries may not be united and go for a possible joint defense.

Sajid Ansari is a freelance writer.