Nation wants all plunderers to be hung by every light pole

How right is the line, I have read somewhere.  “The chief business of the nation as a nation is the setting up of Heroes, mainly Bogus.”  But I still love this sad land of my country, which now has been made the expanse of boundless desert. Sunk into the dust of this desert is the sweat & blood and dreams of my ancestors, blowing on their pipes who lead flocks of sheep towards the horizons of faith.  Now crushed under boots like buds with dew are all those dreams of our ancestors and their thought provoking thoughts.  NRO a National Robbery Ordinance laughing on our faces so proudly with the screaming banner of “So What?”  A Syndrome of a Great Game for a Great Escape after a Great Devour.   Now as a nation or as a flock of sheep with our blinking eyes in the scorching heat of this desert let’s behold those proud heroes of our home land who for their hunts have turned this promising country into a sad desert. Look how glared and galore their fox like faces are. What a Glory they are taking while shrugging their hunch backed shoulders and uttering so profoundly from the hilt of their bottoms, “So What? Why should we resign? We are only alleged of corruption & nepotism, loot & plunder, hooliganism & murders. Why should we resign from our lovely cozy seats at levers of power & prerogatives?  Once loosing their faces and morality, for how long they can maintain their denial and enjoy immunity from prosecution that depends on their pedigree and purity of blood running in their veins.

How good may be a excuse for them but what a curse for  all those ordinary workers, banking clerks, accountants, putwarees, tehsildaars, officers, managers, supervisors, judges, bureaucrats and all kinds of public & private working professionals when they are immediately removed / suspended and made OSDs once they are inferred  with any major & minor, true or false, real or motivated allegation of misappropriation, embezzlement, misconduct, negligence, fraud, theft, misuse and abuse  of authority? What is the moral & legal concept of those internal & external Departmental Enquiry Committees and accountability bodies which are formed to enquire & investigate those cases of their suspended staff who are only alleged so far but not proved guilty.  Why they and their innocent spouses and children have to suffer with suspension of their salaries and other service benefits during the period they undergo any kind of enquiries and investigations. The charges on these thousands of known and unknown stalwarts of our Govt. may or may not have been proved so far but their abuse is reprehensible without any doubt. We as a nation or as a flock of sheep are continuously suffering with such emotional damages and in our own bitterness we are like dying in a passion of laughter when hearing this So What which they are uttering everyday  from their stinking mouths.
What to talk of proved allegations, even out there we have a sitting serving poodle so called a Federal Minister who says “So What?” To his arrest warrants that have been  issued repeatedly by a worthy Court. So long must be their arms no doubt but its really fearing and amazing to see how ugly are their faces and how long are their tongues dangling so down below and so shamelessly licking the dust on their own boots.  We as a nation are now immune to live on losses mainly because of suffering with this syndrome of So What? Now our emotional damages have started to outstrip those unimaginably huge financial and moral losses. Ruthless heinous and merciless stabbing and chopping that has been done  on us in all these years by all these thousands of so called alleged butchers, fraudulent, plunderers, looters, scoundrels, murderers and what not? But still for most of us they are our Heroes.   We can only pray O! God give us patience but, Quick.

But still even as a flock of sheep we must have a firm belief & a strong faith that, when the game of Chess is over the King and the Pawns, the Queen & the Knights they altogether are rolled back into the same box. And then starts the real phase of Herculean cleansing of the Augean Stable who diverts a river through them.  But we as sheep will have to keep on suffering anyway. Its therefore is better to be a nation not merely a flock of sheep simply by abandoning these bogus heroes in our stables and asking them assertively to leave our country for the sake of country.   But the sheep in dark backyards and in the scorching heat of desert can only blink eyes in amazement and again follow the blow of hollow faithless pipes. They can hardly understand my good for nothing reverberations.