After the Christmas bombing fiasco in Detroit, prettymuch everyone is talking about new body scanners and more torture and terrorism against decent law abiding airline passengers.  Are we saying a word about the Dutch who lied to us about the terrorist’s passport or the Israelis, yes, let’s admit who they really are, whose airport security companies only seem to protect El Al planes and nothing else?  No more terrorist "walk arounds" or hidden box cutters on planes.  We aren’t buying it anymore.  We have had one coincidence too many.
Do we talk about folks like Michael Chertoff, the creator of our totally broken system of phony counter terrorism when he headed Homeland Security with its spying on everyone BUT terrorists.  Chertoff, is the guy who now is out selling radioactive scanners to fix the problems caused by his own incompetence. He is going to make tens of millions off his own utter incompetence, or what we hope is incompetence.  Does anyone really think we can stay ahead of the human mind with gadgets operated by illiterates, incompetents and, at times, terrorist sympathizers?
I would hate to start putting together a pattern of money grubbing companies, "fly by night" Cheney/Rove demagogues and the worldwide network of Israelis who seem to have their hands in both ends of every disaster and come up with an inescapable conclusion:  If terrorism weren’t so damned convenient, useful and profitable for everyone but the victims and the supposed terrorists, the two groups that get blown to hell, we might not have terrorism at all.
You don’t have to be a genius to see a con, not one this lame.
The next time an "expert," be it a retired spy, self proclaimed counter-terrorist consultant or one of the robotic Pentagon morons or, worse yet, the especially despicable gang at Family Security Matters, the GOP front group that fills my mailbox with childish "terrorist under the bed" stories intermingled with "vote for my thieving friend" and "send us more money so we can keep lying" messages, sticks its head up, it might be time to consider a Jihad here at home.
Time to call a halt to all of it.
I’m sorry.  I am not buying any of it anymore.  I’m not buyin 9/11 and Rumsfeld telling me, "I didn’t know there were terrorists, it was a big surprise to all of us," or every Air Force plane in the US suddenly breaking at the same time. 
I am not buying the, "We’re sorry about lying to all of you about Saddam and his WMD’s but we needed to steal his oil and it only killed 5000 or so kids, most of them not all that important anyway."
I am not buying the "Let’s bomb and invade Iran though there is even less proof Iran has a weapons program than Saddam.  There hasn’t been a credible word about Iran, only the usual harping from the Murdock/Israeli press and the folks who want a chance at stealing Iran’s oil too. 
We knew the oil from Iraq, the oil Americans were bled to death paying for, was stolen from the people of Iraq.  If a crime works once, why not try it again.  Iran, expect a visit, we are coming to save you from yourselves.  Start digging graves for your children, our oil tankers are on their way. 
Then we come to the "whatever" in Afghanistan.  I won’t call it a war.  War needs an enemy and some sort of objective.  Our only objective is to "surge."  Can’t we do that here at home?  It has kind of an indecent sound if you think about it.
I’m not buying the surge.  Nobody is, but a few are pretending to, mostly because they are so addicted to constantly lying that they don’t know how to stop.  The entire idea behind our strategy is based on smoke, mirrors and horse manure.  "Yes, the warlike Pashtun tribes are waiting with open arms for us to start handing out Ipods and Laptops.  Nothing brings out love in a fanatical Jihadist like a bit of Steve Miller Band."
Our Special Forces teams are noted for their tact and charm.  Thank goodness that General McChrystal has decided that hundreds of years of warfare can be derailed with a smile and a few mispronounced Pashtu phrases. 
I’m sorry but I’m not buying anything about our economy.  I am sick of paying nearly 3 bucks a gallon for $1.80 a gallon gas, sick of living in a country that has borrowed 12 TRILLION dollars, not just to fight imaginary wars and respond to self fulfilling terroist threats but to reward corrupt and incompetent businessmen.  These are the Wall Street elite, you know, the ones who, after buying our government were then allowed to run hog wild, destroying the world economy.
You can’t find people with skills like that just anywhere, not unless you start looking in prisons. 
They went broke, too stupid to keep some of what they spent years stealing and now are crying to us because they are afraid of losing their 3rd summer home and billion dollar bonuses while 25% of America is unemployed and wondering how to pay for tomorrow’s food.
The only people crookeder (Is "crookeder" a real word?) than Wall Street is Congress.  Perhaps I should tone this down a bit, there is no real proof Wall Street is that bad.
I’m sorry, no more money to Israel.  They are one of the biggest arms dealers in the world, one of the richest countries in the world and certainly one of the most powerful with more strategic weapons than Britain and France combined and a real willingness to use them.
Does Israel have nuclear weapons?  Actually, Israel may have better ICBMs than the US or Russia with the range to attack anywhere in the United States with nuclear weapons.  Is there a reason they would want to do that?  North Korea I could understand, but Israel?
Let them take some of the profit from the billion dollars worth of weapons they sell India alone and pay their own bills.
Seems to me like they are really good at starting fights that our kids end up dying in. 
I’m sorry but I just don’t feel responsible for everything that goes on in the Middle East, why one group is mad at another because of something  that happened while my ancestors were running around what is now Germany wearing animal skins and killing each other with rocks.
If we want to talk "conservative" and "responsiblity" then let it start today. 
Afghanistan, clean up your own act, we are outta there bigtime!
Iraq, figure it out and let us know, adios amigos, auf wiedersehen, good night.
Israel, Iran, India, China, you guys figure something out.  Keep making the cheap junk for our stores, keep answering our customer service calls and, most important of all for Iran, keep being an irritating pack of religious nuts.  Do your thing and leave us out of it, thank you very much. 
Let us know if something important happens, or not.  We just don’t care.
Here at home…maybe we stop for a moment or two and figure out exactly who and what we are before we start handing out billions of dollars and pointing fingers this way and that.  Are our problems because of "liberals" and "conservatives" or Jews and Muslims or because thieves want us chasing our tails while they have their hands in our pockets?
There might just be alot more decent Americans out there than we suspect, if we just learn to turn off the TV, radio and use the newspapers for what they were designed for, lining bird cages and wrapping fish.
As for me, I am done.  Once we stop sticking our noses into everyone elses affairs I am ready to make an announcement.  Bring your crap over here and we will nuke your into that world you have been waiting for. 
If we go back to actually being America we can and will expect others to respect us, as we respect them.  From that moment on, we won’t need anymore propaganda, secret prisons, waterboarding or UN resolutions.
Half of our government will be out of work.   
Bush is gone.  Obama, if he keeps up being Bush will be gone too.  We aren’t defending Israel, Kuwait or any other dictatorship, rogue state, gangster republic or 3rd world kleptocracy.  We can be more Canada, more New Zealand and alot less France and Britain on steroids.
Hey, it wasn’t the American people stealing the oil, it was companies owned, if you check carefully, by prettymuch everyone in the world including lots of people in the Middle East.  Americans weren’t getting gasoline for free.  Why do you think our car companies went belly up?
We have a job here at home.  We have to erase a decade of insanity and corruption and build a future for ourselves, if it isn’t too late.  We expect the rest of you to start doing the same and leave us the hell alone.


  Wikileaks and US Intelligence Computers



Senior Editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues. Published under special arrangements between Opinion Maker and Veterans Today.