Nokia Mobile World Congress event in the last day or the introduction of two new low-cost smartphone Nokia 105 and Nokia 301. The Lomé series Nokia first smartphone and expensive low-cost mobile phone is being used the same design and color.

Nokia 105:
Big brands such as Nokia 105 course introduced the lowest cost phone. As well as provide basic services klrskryn, this phone call and SMS, it is equipped with a flashlight, FM radio. According to the company’s rechargeable battery can be used for up to 35 days. Countries, such as Pakistan, the severe power crisis, this phone will be a huge success.

nokia 105 mobile pakistan prices
Cyan and black Nokia mobile phone in the next month, Pakistan, India, China and some European countries will be presented for sale. The expected price of this phone is about Rs 1600.

Nokia 301:
The features of the Nokia Asha series of 301 games, but it is not a touch screen. The screen of the phone is 2.4 inches long, 3.2 million cameras installed pkzl Lome series features are included. Mobile YouTube streaming, cloud browser and Nokia Express with HSPA3.5G of technology. Before this phone Facebook, Twitter and similar applications, including, aybdy more applications, you can also buy a Nokia store.

nokia 301 mobile pakistan