Whats happening around in Punjab University. Actually what’s the reason behind all this situation.

Karachi University , Punjab University and Islamic University. These three universities are the most affected universities of Pakistan.  And who is in power in all three universities every one know. Jammiat …

If you deep analysis of all these conflicts then you will figure out the main cause of this problem which is so called Student union named as Jamiaat are the one, who is  behind on all these evils. They don’t know what is Islam and teaching Islam to its followers.

Let me share some facts about this Jammiat.

According to Jammiat, MQM is terrorist party and involved in massive killings of innocent people. Let’s stop for a moment, we accept this assumption. I wanna ask to the followers of Jammiat , On which basis MQM was made. Was it the ethnicity. Not!

That’s totally baseless. Its was Jammiat yobbing who want to impose their mentality by power. Which is never be acceptable for any sensible person. What they did in 70’s era in karachi. They beaten Muhajjirs those who are little bit liberal and like to adapt modern styles and fashions and but they tried to a lot to impose their mentality.


Personal Experience with Jammiat

I will never be forget that night when they beaten a young boy who was sitting with her friend in a park. They din’t argue to that boy and started showing their power and left the girl because they will talk to her on phone in nights 😉

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What actually in their mind?

As according to themselves they are religiously conservative, so they can’t do friendship with girls. Due to this reason, so they made a rule. “Hum toh Doobey han sanam tumhey bhi la dooba gy”. And banned the friendship between boys and girls…

Which can never be acceptable for our youth. Okie they made a rule and then they broke their rule first. Because there is huge evidence of balance sharing through their number to girls… They are indeed mentally sick .

Government should banned on Jammiat…